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‘Tis the season for another year to come to an end, which means it’s time for holiday celebrations, hot chocolate, and voting for 1Password in app awards.

As you might remember from such blog posts as a week or two ago, 1Password has scored some great awards lately. Apple named it among the Best of Mac App Store 2011, and Macworld made 1Password Pro one of the inaugural inductees for its brand new App Hall of Fame. But I am are warmed and honored to say that 1Password is in the running for more great awards, and we need your help to win!

MacStories: Best Apps of 2011

MacStories, the blog of all things Mac and iOS, has nominated 1Password Pro in its iPad category for Best Apps of 2011. Voting closes December 23, so if you could head over to MacStories and spare us a couple clicks, we’d appreciate it!

Cult of Mac: Top Mac Apps of 2011

The folks at Cult of Mac want your help in deciding what is the most innovative app of 2011. Of course, we all know the answer. But could you go let them know?

2011 Best App Ever Awards

Wow, “best app ever” is a pretty tall compliment, don’t you think? But if you feel we’re worthy, you would be the Best Customer Ever if you clicked over to vote for 1Password Pro in the Most Useful App category!


Your help does not go unappreciated, Agile Readers. Thank you so much for helping us get where we are and for voting for 1Password!

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