Stop me if you’ve heard this password before

It seems that “Password1” is the number 1 password on business systems. (Source Trustwave’s 2012 Global Security Report.) Of course if people used 1Password (the application, not as a password) they wouldn’t be stuck having to remember passwords.

The reason, according to the report, that “Password1” is so popular within businesses is that it meets the requirements on a typical corporate network. It is at least eight characters, it contains a capital, and it has something that isn’t a letter.

Here are some other things we’ve heard around the net about trying to meet similar requirements. Let’s hope they aren’t true:

My password has at least eight characters in it: “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”


I always mention London or Paris in mine. That way it will have a capital.

And to get helpful reminders if you forget your password:

My password is “incorrect”. This way, if I type it in wrong the systems tells me what it is.

We fear that not all of the instances of the following conversation are tongue in cheek:

“I use 1Password.” “So do I. I use the same one everywhere.”

Of course all of you reading this know better. You use the Strong Password Generator in 1Password to get strong and unique passwords for each site and service.

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