Do you have a 1Password Emergency Kit?

…because Mike Vardy does, and it’s a great idea! We live in an increasingly digital world, and like many of us, Mike realized that 1Password has become a 21st century digital safe for storing all of one’s critical information.

In the unfortunate case that anything were to happen to Mike, he created an Emergency Kit for his wife and stored it in his family’s other safe (the kind that’s really heavy and generally impervious to things like fire and crocodile attacks). Since Mrs. Vardy is not (yet!) interested in becoming a 1Password user, his 1Password Emergency Kit lists his Master Password, iPhone unlock code, and basic instructions on how to access and use 1Password on all the platforms he uses it.

This really is a good idea, and Mike has been kind enough to share his kit’s template with everyone. Head over to his blog post to download the kit in PDF and plain text form.