New help video: How to setup Dropbox sync for Mac

Greetings to you wonderful readers and 1Password users. I have a quickie post today to ask for some feedback on a new video I created to help explain how to setup Dropbox sync. This is one of our top support requests so I figured I’d go all the way with this one: it starts at square one with signing up for a Dropbox account, installing the client on your first Mac, moving your 1Password data file into Dropbox, then getting your second Mac on board the Sync Express. If you have a minute, why not give it a gander and let me know what you think:

I’m working on more that focus on the setup process for iOS and Windows, so stay tuned for those. Thanks for your feedback!

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  1. Kaushik Gopal
    Kaushik Gopal says:

    Would really appreciate a “How to setup Dropbox sync for the iPhone/iOS”.

    Setting it up on the Mac is relatively easier compared to it being done on iOS. For e.g. I think iOS maintains a cached individual iOS password so when i changed my 1password master password, it didn’t reflect on the iPhone…. I’m sure it’s probably something i’ve overlooked, so would really appreciate it.

    Cheers and keep up the awesome work.

  2. Khad Young
    Khad Young says:

    Kaushik, your master password does not have to be the same between 1Password for Mac/Windows and your 1Password iOS app(s). Many users like to have a less-complicated one for 1Password iOS apps because of the interaction using the much smaller virtual keyboard. Because they do not have to be the same, they are never synced from one device/platform to another.

    Khad Young
    Forum Choreographer, AgileBits

  3. Peter H
    Peter H says:

    Thanks for a great software.

    I’ve already enabled Dropbox sync on my iMac and sync with my iPhone and iPad through our local WiFi.

    What happens if we enable Dropbox sync on all three devices? Is it still necessary to sync on our local WiFi or can we “drop” that in the future?

    Best regards,



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