Like 1Password for Mac? Like LaunchBar? Now you can use them together!

I’m going to venture a guess that you like 1Password. I’m going to step even further out on this precipitous limb and wager that you also like LaunchBar, the productivity utility from the fine folks of Objective Development. If I’m on solid footing here though, I have some good news for you: 1Password and LaunchBar are now great friends.

Available in LaunchBar’s nightly builds is all-new support for quickly searching and opening your 1Password Logins, tags, and folders. Yeah, you heard me right: the 1Password trifecta of logging in quickly is now built into a LaunchBar beta near you and, soon, the official shipping version.

It’s pretty easy to get going, too. Once you install and launch the LaunchBar beta build, it should automatically find your 1Password keychain (the 1Password index is enabled by default), so just start searching. You can type the first couple letters of a specific Login, tag, or folder, or you can type 1P, hit the right arrow on the 1Password entry, and browse through all your 1Password items right inside LaunchBar? How cool is that?

[Tip: you might have to go to LaunchBar > Preferences > Calculator and disable the “Switch to Calculator when typing a digit” option.]

We’re so excited and thankful to see LaunchBar gain such quick access to their 1Password items no matter what app they’re using. Thanks to everyone at Objective Development for making this happen!