iOS 6 is nearly upon us! Here’s what you need to know

You’ve seen the iOS 6 previews, read the exposés, and your moment of upgrade glory is nearly here. You downloaded the iTunes 10.7 update, your internet’s restarted and fresh, you backed up your i-device to iCloud and/or iTunes, and you made sure to backup your 1Password data.

Wait, you did do your backups, right? I mean, better safe than sorry and all that jazz. And who doesn’t like jazz?

iOS 6 is great, and there’s some super stuff to play with like the new Mail, Siri updates, Facebook integration, Shared Photo Streams (one of my favorites), Passbook, Apple’s new Maps, and more.

Our current version of 1Password for iOS works pretty well on the big 6.0. We are working on a minor 1Password 3.7 update to squash a couple small issues, though, so keep an eye out for that.

As for the iPhone 5’s arrival in two days, we’re watching our tracking numbers just as closely as you! We can’t wait to try out 1Password on the iPhone 5 to see how we can improve it for that gorgeous new display.

So, to review: iOS 6, backup, backup, backup. Now go rock those update buttons.