1Password Tips: use our built-in browser on iPhone and iPad

1Password Pro iconWe’ve been getting questions lately on how to add a 1Password button to Mobile Safari for iPhone and iPad. While I may have a little bit of bad news about that, I’m happy to say I have good news too. In fact, I think it’s great news about a really handy feature built right into 1Password that can save you quite a bit of time.

To cut to the chase, we can’t add our spiffy little 1Password button to Mobile Safari because Apple isn’t really feeling the extension vibe on iOS just yet. Have you noticed how you can’t add buttons for Evernote, Instapaper, or any of the other neat tools you can find in the desktop Safari Extensions Gallery? Fortunately, constraint breeds innovation. Since we can’t bring 1Password to Mobile Safari on iPhone and iPad yet, our masterful developer ninjas decided to bring some Safari to 1Password.

If you need to log into a site on your iPhone or iPad, you can, of course:

  • manually type the site URL into Mobile Safari
  • double-tap your Home button to switch to 1Password
  • find the Login item
  • tap the password, then tap copy
  • double-tap your Home button again to switch back to Safari
  • paste the password
  • go on about your way

Or you could save yourself some tapping and switching and swiping and just tap the URL of your Login item. Yeah, you read that right: we built a browser right into 1Password for iPhone and iPad.

1Password will spring open a built-in browser to open the login page, into which it should fill your credentials. In case you need to give it a hand, tap the world icon in 1Password’s browser toolbar to copy and paste anything you need. Otherwise, you can tap the site’s sign in button and go on about your business right inside 1Password, no app switching required.

You can see some examples of this stuff in action in the gallery I embedded above. Naturally, we never stop thinking about ways to improve 1Password, so let us know what you think in the forums. For now, though, I hope 1Password’s built-in browser for iPhone and iPad can save you some time while getting things done on-the-go.