PSA: closing the book on iOS 3 soon, here’s how to backup your app

1Password Pro iconThere comes a time in every app’s life when it has to part ways with previous OSes. Sometimes the app has grown to the point where it must simply move on, sometimes it’s a mutually beneficial separation of the bytes. This time it’s a little bit of both.

1Password 3.7.1 for iPhone and iPad is in review with Apple, and it contains some typical fit and finish you would expect in a small update like this. This version will also remove support for iOS 3.0 (or, for the tech history nerds in the audience, what was originally called iPhone OS 3.0). We’ve found that the vast majority of our users have upgraded to iOS 5 and 6, so it’s time for us to streamline the app and our workflow to make 1Password even better. Plus, the latest version of Xcode, which we need in order to keep making 1Password all it can be, simply no longer supports iOS 3.

If, for whatever reason, you will continue using devices that cannot upgrade past iOS 3.x, we highly recommend backing up your current  copy of the app, just in case you ever need to reinstall it (of course, you should also backup your app’s data, too, and often). As far as I know, the App Store on iPhone and iPad will not display updates that do not support the device’s OS, but iTunes may be a different story. Besides, it never hurts to be prepared for a rainy day.

Fortunately, we have instructions for backing up your current copy of the 1Password app for both Mac and Windows users. Our update is in review with Apple, but it will arrive soon and we’d like you to be better safe than sorry. As for our new minimum OS requirement, 1Password now needs iOS 4.3 or later.

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