1Password for iOS Features: Categories are the new Wallet

There’s a lot of new stuff in the new 1Password for iOS—I mean, a lot—but one of the most important changes is the new Categories tab. We rounded up all the different types of stuff you keep safe and use in 1Password and made it all more flexible, not to mention easier on the eyes.

You can check out our user guide on the new Categories, but I’ll give you the cliff notes. Categories is the tab in Vault Mode where you create and organize all your stuff, including Logins, Secure Notes, Credit Cards, Identities, and more. It also includes everything that was in the Wallet tab in 1Password 3, like Rewards Programs, Bank Accounts, and Memberships.

From the Categories tab you can tap into any category and get down to business, but now you can also reorder them! Yes, another great addition to the new 1Password for iOS is the ability to reorder Categories however you want—simply tap the Edit button in the top titlebar, then drag Categories above or below each other. Maybe you really love Secure Notes and want them to be above Logins, or maybe you don’t plan on having to add or update your Identities anytime soon. Drag them around to your heart’s content, then tap Done.

The new Categories tab can be a big help, and you can learn more about it in our user guide. Plus, don’t forget to check out the new 1Password for iOS, now available in the App Store!