1Password 4.1 for iOS adds… way too much great stuff to fit in a post title

1P4 iconJust in time for the weekend, 1Password 4.1 for iOS has hit the App Store. This is such a great update that we had to categorize all the changelog items under headings so you can keep track of them all. True story.

Some of the best additions are in the all-new tab-slinging, form-filling Web Mode. We redesigned the Action Menu to use the spiffy new icon view in iOS 6, which means we can fit more options like sharing the current webpage on Twitter or Facebook. In addition to emailing, printing, or opening the page in Safari, you can now copy the current page’s URL to your clipboard. A performance nip here, a bug tuck there, and Web Mode is even better.

You can now search in iPad in portrait orientation, change the font for displaying passwords, and view attachments in Secure Notes that you added with a desktop version of 1Password. There is support for the new 1Password USB Sync feature we’re working on to provide a local sync option for users who miss Wi-Fi sync (it’s in private beta testing right now). There are plenty of bug fixes to go around, too.

Something for the power users

Probably the coolest new feature in 1Password for iOS 4.1 is support for URL schemes. This means you can do some pretty awesome stuff, like automatically opening the current webpage from Safari, Chrome, or another iOS browser in 1Password’s Web Mode for form filling and Login-ing goodness. All you have to do is tap in the URL bar, add ‘op’ to the very beginning, and tap Go/Return to make the switch.

Things get a bit more interesting with our new support for a “onepassword://search/search_text” URL scheme to open 1Password and automatically search for the text in your clipboard. This means you can use a utility like Launch Center Pro to create a shortcut to search 1Password for the contents of your clipboard, and Federico Viticci at MacStories has already penned some great examples with which you can tinker.

But you know what’s cooler than offering URL support in your app? Having someone else’s app already support your URL scheme before you’ve even released it! Our new URL schemes can also be used by other apps, and as far as I know, Riposte is the first. It’s an upcoming App.net client that baked support for the 1Password URL scheme (but only if 1Password is installed) into its built-in browser and even the App.net login screen!

When you view a link someone shared in Riposte’s browser, you can tap the action arrow and slide to the left to find the 1Password login option. Tap it, and 1Password will open and automatically search for the current webpage’s URL to help you find and copy your Login’s password more quickly.

How cool is that? It’s wonderful to see Riposte adopt 1Password’s URL scheme and we would love to hear from more developers who want to do it.

That about wraps up our huge 1Password 4.1 for iOS update, we hope you love it! As always, let us know what you think and be sure to leave a review in the App Store!