1Password for iOS featurecast – Web Mode

Yes, featurecast. Not a podcast, kind of a screencast, but really, a featurecast: I want to use a little more than screenshots and smoke signals to show off some of the great stuff in 1Password, but still keep each video short ‘n sweet ‘n easy to digest. That means low-calorie, high 1Password nutrition, gluten-free.

Think 1:10 is short ‘n sweet enough for a featurecast of the all-new Web Mode in 1Password for iOS? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or in this forum thread.

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  1. […] Of course, there is also Launch Center Pro, a fantastic iPhone productivity utility that has long had support for doing a few things faster with 1Password. It was the first to adopt our new URL schemes, so you can create quick actions to search 1Password for, say, the contents of your clipboard or a custom term, or open HTTP and HTTPS URLs in 1Password’s new Web Mode. […]

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