Felix for iPhone shakes hands with 1Password

Felix icon 150pxWhereby “shakes hands” I mean “gets cozy,” and whereby “cozy” I mean “builds in some really, really cool stuff you can do with 1Password.” Ok, enough of that.

We recently added support for URL schemes for developers and enterprising users to 1Password for iOS, and developers are all over it. Launch Center Pro and Riposte are two of the first apps to build in 1Password support, and today, Felix for App.net joins their ranks with a first of its own.

For those playing at home, App.net is an ad-free platform for doing stuff online. The first thing of that stuff is a messaging service that’s a bit like Twitter, and Felix for iPhone is a client that lets you get your messages on. It also happens to have a built-in web browser for perusing links your friends share, so as of the big Felix 1.4 update, you can now open some or all of those links in 1Password for iOS.

For starters, you can long-press on any link to get the option of opening it in 1Password; this is great for a per-link basis. But if you really want to go all the way, you can tap Felix’s dashboard button in the toolbar, scroll all the way down to Settings, scroll down to the bottom of said Settings, and flip on the “Open links in 1Password” option to make that the default for every link you tap in Felix.

In other words, yes: for all you customers who dreamed of the day when you can set 1Password as a default browser for all links, Felix is the first app to make it happen.

For bonus points, Felix still has your back if you opt to open links with the built-in browser but still want a quick way to log into a site when needed. Just tap Felix’s in-browser action button, then tap “Find in 1Password” to switch apps and automatically search Logins for the site you’re viewing in Felix.

We’d like to thank Bill Kunz at Tigerbears for adding such a great 1Password experience to Felix. You can get the excellent Felix 1.4 update now in the App Store.