Did the 1Password browser extension just appear in Facebook’s News Feed video?

Yes! Take that, Betteridge’s Law of Headlines!

Of course, we’re on the Facebooks just like the Tweeters and even the Google+es. It’s a great way to stay in touch with us, and it’s great to see that Facebook seems to agree.

1P in Facebook video

If you haven’t seen the news, Facebook announced a pretty big change coming to the News Feed, the place where everyone posts their deep, personal journal entries right next to their Instagramed lunches.

I’ll let you head over and read all about it on your own time, because the real news from all this appears at 1:16 in the video Facebook made (at the bottom of the page). As eagle-eyed AgileBits Caffeinated Problem Solver Chris De Jabet noticed, the 1Password Chrome extension makes a cameo. While I don’t have security clearance to know whether 1Password is company policy over there, it is at least a great reminder that your Facebook account should really have a good, strong password to protect your personal space!