Heads up 1Password 3 for iPhone, iPad users: Dropbox changes are coming

1Password in DropboxSure, we released the major, year-in-the-making upgrade that is 1Password 4 in December, but we still make the previous version 3 of 1Password Pro, 1Password for iPhone, and 1Password for iPad available in the Purchased section of the App Store on your device. In fact, we still offer our critically acclaimed support to customers who use them!

I bring this up because Dropbox is making some changes that 1Password 3 for iOS users will want to know about, especially those who haven’t used the service for sync yet. If you’re a 1Password 4 user, just keep on passwordin’; none of these changes affect you because 1Password 4 for iOS already uses Dropbox’s spiffy new services.

Long story short: Dropbox is growing like crazy, and it recently made some significant changes to its API, the service that apps like 1Password use to move your data around. 1Password 3 uses the old version of this API, which will continue to work after March, but will no longer accept new users.

If you already use Dropbox to sync your 1Password 3 for iOS data

You’re fine. We worked out a deal with Dropbox to keep that door open for the time being.

If you own 1Password 3 for iOS but never hooked up Dropbox for sync

You may have a decision to make. If you hook up 1Password 3 for iOS to Dropbox before the end of March, you’ll get grandfathered in with our other customers and can continue to use Dropbox for sync past March. If you don’t hook it up, that option will disappear when the clock strikes midnight on Monday, April 1.

No, this isn’t an elaborate and ultimately unfunny setup for an April Fool’s joke. Our April Fool’s jokes are much nerdier.

Give it some thought, but remember you only have a couple weeks to decide. Give 1Password 4 for iOS a look as well. You don’t have to take our word for it, but it really is our finest work to date with over 20 major new features like Web Mode with a full browser and form filling for Logins, Credit Cards, and Identities, the ActionBar, Global Search, viewing attachments, and more.

Either way, we love all our customers and are happy to help with any questions you have!