Joe Kissell wants to help you Take Control of Your Passwords, and so do we

Take Control of Your PasswordsSometimes, a book comes along that effects change. The kind of change that gets you right [there], in that special place in your data file. The venerable Joe Kissell’s new ebook, Take Control of Your Passwords, may just be such a book.

Through chapters like “Understanding the Problems with Passwords” and “Apply Joe’s Password Strategy,” Take Control of Your Passwords does exactly what it says on the tin—it gives you an easy-to-read overview of why it’s more critical than ever to use a tool that creates strong, unique passwords for each of your apps and services. You can see Joe’s video introduction below, and here he is in the book on password reuse, a topic we’ve covered once or twice here on the Agile Blog:

reusing passwords is a terrible, terrible idea. Just. Don’t. Ever. Do. It.

It would be pretty hard to simplify it any more than that.

When you get to the “Choose a Password Manager” chapter, Joe highlights some of the players in this space but makes it pretty darn easy to Do The Right Thing with a cliff note at the beginning:

Tip: If reading about password manager features makes you drowsy and you’d rather pick one and get on with it, allow me to suggest 1Password. It’s what I use, and I think you’ll like it.

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You can think of it like we’re helping you take control of getting 20 percent off your Take Control books! Thanks to Joe Kissell for writing such a useful book and recommending 1Password, as well as the folks at TidBITS Publishing!