AGConf[3] is one for the books, and the future

You may have noticed last week that our customer support seemed… perfectly normal, as if our commitment to swift, human-to-human responses hadn’t changed at all. Funny thing about that, because it hasn’t. But for the week, we here at AgileBits were helping customers from a land far, far away.

Most of us just got home from what we like to call AGConf, an occasional gathering of the remote AgileBits crew. For AGConf[3] this year, we visited Now Larimar in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and while spandex suits and cosplay were not on the menu (for our team, anyway), we did:

  • meet face-to-face
  • plow through support tickets
  • make sure the beach was there
  • get not one but two talks from the indelible Merlin Mann
  • philosophize on the future of 1Password and AgileBits
  • have some of our best hackathons yet
  • go ziplining over the length of seven city blocks
  • check in on support tickets again
  • make sure the sports bar was there
  • try on our new 1Password t-shirts we hope to start selling soon
  • check on the pool

Yes, “pontificate” and “drinks” and “beach” were in there, all while making sure the most important part of the company (psssst—that’s our customers) were taken care of. Your eyes also do not deceive you—”the future” and “1Password” were indeed on the AGConf[3] schedule. We have some incredible stuff lined up for 1Password 4 for Mac and beyond, and though I shouldn’t spill anything yet, I sure did consider it.

AGConf[3] was a fantastic success. We had a great time seeing each other, making new friends with the new members of our growing team, answering and collaborating on support tickets as a team in the same room, and introducing Kyle to the Coconut Rum Mojito. In fact, a very special guest and 1Password fan even graced our presence in spirit.

More on that in my next post.

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