Notefile joins the 1Password Integration Club!

As you may have noticed, apps are starting to hop aboard the 1Password integration bandwagon, and we love hearing about every new member our secure geeky family. Our latest addition is Notefile from Junecloud, makers of the lovely Delivery Status iOS app and OS X dashboard widget.

Notefile is an app that lets you sync your notes from your iOS devices to the corresponding Mac App. As more folks end up being multiple device users, these sorts of solutions become more important. As a Delivery Status user, I’ve been pleased with the ease of Junecloud’s syncing feature since it always just worked. They’ve set up their servers to allow Junecloud syncing with Notefile, and it’s pretty straightforward to set up. Even more straightforward if you already log in to Junecloud servers (and saved that login item in 1Password):

If I were more clever, this would be XKCD level hilarity. Sorry to disappoint.

The syncing prefpane for Notefile, now with more 1Password!

When you tap the 1Password icon in the login panel, it takes you to 1Password for iOS, and after you unlock it, the search is filled in with (which would be the default name of the item when you saved it). Then you can copy your info and switch back to Notefile where you enter your login and password and get things syncing. It’s pretty slick overall, and anything that saves a few steps in iOS is pretty fab. So if you’re looking for a syncing solution for notes, check out Notefile. It’s available in both iOS ($4.99US) and Mac OS ($4.99US) flavors.

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