Mr. Reader, Edgewise add support for 1Password for iOS

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Because, yes, it’s really starting to seem like we need an official page to collect all the iPhone and iPad apps that are adding 1Password support!

I’ll get back to you on that.

In the meantime, our first addition today is Mr. Reader, a feature-packed newsreader for Google Reader and, soon, other services. As of Mr. Reader 1.11.2, as long as you have 1Password 4 for iOS installed, you should see it as an option in most login dialogs, making it easier for you to sign into Google Reader and the long list of social media services Mr. Reader supports for sharing.

The second member of our growing, integrated family is Edgewise, a cycling activity client for Garmin Connect. A 1Password icon now appears on Edgewise’s login page, making it easier for you to login and view a list of your past rides, complete with useful information like performance data, your route map, and interactive charts.

We’d like to thank the developers behind Mr. Reader and Edgewise for making it easier for 1Password users to login and get to reading and analyzing!

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