1Password 4 for Mac delayed so AgileBits team can focus on refreshing WWDC announcement page

WWDC_20121Password 4 for Mac is shaping up to be our greatest release ever, and no one is more excited for you to see it than we are. However, as of today, April 1, 1Password 4 for Mac has been delayed indefinitely so the entire AgileBits team can focus on refreshing Apple’s WWDC website in anticipation of 2013 tickets.

“WWDC has become more popular than ever,” said Dave Teare, Vice President of Website Refreshing for AgileBits. “But every year, tickets disappear faster than the previous year. It is imperative that we have all hands on deck to help in 2013.” In 2011, WWDC tickets sold out in 12 hours. 2012’s went in less than two hours. At that rate, we expect tickets for WWDC 2013 to sell out in 20 minutes.

As of this weekend, the prime directive for all AgileBits crew members has been adjusted for two tasks:

  1. take care of our customer inboxes
  2. refresh the WWDC site in any way, shape, or form as often as #1 allows

Some team members are looking into the legality of enlisting their children’s services to refresh websites. If you or someone you know is a lawyer, please get in touch.

Automate the process

To aid in our company’s new mission and to contribute to the community’s efforts, we have also put together and open sourced this portion of code to help automate some of the process of checking Apple’s WWDC page. All you need to do is make this executable and run it on any Unix-like system (with CURL installed):

# !/bin/sh
# Copyright by someone who does not wish to be publicly associated with this.
# WWDC 2013 checking script

$CURL $CURL_OPTIONS `echo -n $WWDC__SUPER_SECRET | tr '[A-Za-z]' '[N-ZA-Mn-za-m]'` | \
sed -e 's/[^A-Za-z0-9][^A-Za-z0-9]*/\
/g' | awk ' BEGIN { this_year_count = 0 }
/2013/ { this_year_occurrences[NR] }
!/2013/ { ++not_wwdc_count }
END { for (line in this_year_occurrences) {
if(this_year_count > 1)
print "Hey, you might want to consider seeing if you can order tickets."
print "Run this checker again when you are ready to check things again" }'

WWDC or Bust

These are just some of the methods the AgileBits team has implemented to check for WWDC 2013 tickets, and we encourage you to fork and improve on them. I assure you, though, that the moment after WWDC 2013 is announced and our tickets are acquired, 1Password development will resume.