1Password for iOS Features: Action Bar

1P4 iOS Action BarOne of my favorite things about the new 1Password for iOS is that it’s fast, but I’m not just talking about under the hood stuff for developers. I mean that a lot of its new features like Web Mode and Favorites make you fast. They let you get in, get what you need, and get on with your day faster than any previous version.

One of these features that speeds up your flow is the new Action Bar, which is our take on that incredibly clever “swipe across this thing in a list to see some buttons that let you do stuff to the thing you just swiped” action we all saw in Loren Brichter’s Tweetie.

While in Vault Mode viewing your Favorites, Categories, and Folders, you can swipe to the right across any item to quickly reveal actions you can do to it. For example, Logins (which you see in this post’s image) get Trash, Favorite, Web Mode, and Smart Copy:

  • Trash will do just what it says (you’ll be prompted to make sure, but still—careful with that one)
  • Favorite will add that item to the Favorites tab for quick access
  • Web Mode will open the Login’s URL in Web Mode and auto-fill your username and password
  • Smart Copy will Do The Right Thing and copy the most important piece of information from that item to your device’s clipboard, ready for pasting into other apps. For Logins, that’s the password, while for Credit Cards, it’s the actual card number

Different types of items may not have all these actions. Secure Notes, for example, aren’t filled into web forms or opened in Web Mode, so their Action Bar only shows Trash and Favorite. Bonus Pro Tip: marking Secure Notes as Favorites is a great way to keep them readily accessible for quickly jotting down ideas in a private place.

I hope you dig the new Action Bar in 1Password for iOS. It really is the best way to quickly get in, around, and out of your 1Password items.