Apps that Love 1Password: MUDRammer

MUDRammer - login, browse

MUDRammer now lets you search 1Password for dungeon logins and open all links in 1Password

The family of Apps that Love 1Password has grown once again! This time it’s MUDRammer, which marks 1Password’s first foray into iOS gaming, specifically the text-based dungeon-y and crawling-y genre of gaming.

MUDRammer is an iPhone and iPad client for MUDs, or Multi-User Dungeon games. They’re online, multiplayer, text-based dungeon games, and MUDRammer gives you a leg up with its new 1Password integration. You can now set 1Password as your default browser for links in MUDRammer, and you can tap the title bar to quickly search 1Password for a Login for the current MUD in which you’re playing.

Thanks a lot to Jonathan Hersh for adding 1Password to MUDRammer! You can grab the update in the App Store now.