1Password 4.2 for iOS gets huge update to browser, sharing features

Sometimes there’s an app. I won’t say hero, because what’s a hero?

But sometimes, there’s an app. And I’m talkin’ about 1Password for iOS here. It’s the app for our time and place, and we just gave it a huge, free 4.2 update.



How huge is this update? Well, for starters, we added our Strong Password Generator to the 1Browser on iPad (yes, the all-new Web Mode is now the much snappier and pun-ier “1Browser”). Go & Fill Bookmarks are now in 1Browser on iPad too, so you don’t have to switch back to Vault Mode to find a Login to open and fill automatically. We also added the option to AutoSubmit after using AutoFill for a Login.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is yes: the Strong Password Generator and Go & Fill are on their way to 1Browser on iPhone in a future update.

If you’re using 1Browser as, well, your one browser more often these days, you may be pleased to hear that if 1Password sees a URL in the clipboard, it’ll prompt you to open it in 1Browser. There are plenty more 1Browser goodies where those came from, so be sure to check the full changelog below.


Yeah, that’s right. You asked, we answered. You can now share 1Password items from Vault Mode via Messages and email in either an obfuscated format or plain text. Your lucky recipient will see an “Add to 1Password” link, and I recommend they tap it; makes the whole process pretty easy.

By the way, here’s a ProTip about sharing: if you use the obfuscated option to share items, the item’s ID is included. This means that, if you share an item and your recipient makes an update—such as add to a Secure Note or update a Login’s password—then shares it back to you, 1Password will actually update your current copy of the item with the changes.

Just be sure to share with care. Using the obfuscated option means anyone with a copy of 1Password for iOS could add it to their library (since we’re using a shared key for these items, it could also be reverse engineered). Make sure you trust your recipient(s) to keep those messages private and, even better, delete them as soon as they’re done.


Search in 1Password usually focuses on item titles. Now we also search URLs for Login items. But if you don’t find what you need on the first pass, you will now see a button to expand search results to all fields.

But wait, there’s more

Honestly, you don’t even need to wait till 3’oclock. Go get the 1Password for iOS update in the App Store right now.

Download 1Password on the App Store

The full 1Password 4.2 for iOS changelog


 • Added Go and Fill bookmarks in the 1Browser on iPad.
 • Added the ability to use the Strong Password Generator in the 1Browser on iPad.
 • Added the ability to auto-submit on login filling.
 • Added fill animations to make it easy (and fun) to see where fields are filled.
 • Added Copy to Clipboard in the Share menu to copy the current URL to the clipboard.
 • Closing the last tab will now direct you back to vault mode.

1Browser Settings

 • Added 1Browser settings menu at Settings-> 1Browser.
 • Added the ability to adjust auto-submit and fill-animation defaults.
 • Added the ability to clear the Web Data (eg. Cookies) from the 1Browser.


 • Added the ability to share items through Messages or email.
 • Shared items include a special ‘Add to 1Password’ link which allows you to directly add them to 1Password.


 • Added the ability to expand search results across all fields.
 • Search results now includes the primary URL of the item.


 • 1PasswordAnywhere (1Password.html) will now display custom fields.
 • 1Password will prompt to open in the web view when launching 1Password with a URL in your clipboard.
 • Improved translations and the addition of Greek.
 • Improvements to Dropbox syncing.
 • Many bug fixes and improvements.