Apps that Love 1Password: iCab Mobile

iCab Mobile - search

iCab Mobile now lets you easily find your 1Password Login for the current webpage

Good news, everyone: the Apps that Love 1Password page has broken into the iOS browser scene, thanks to Alexander Clauss’s iCab Mobile.

This is particularly good news for me, as iCab has been my main iOS browser for quite a while. With the big version 7.0 upgrade Alexander released, iCab Mobile’s action menu now lets you switch to 1Password for iOS and AutoSearch for the Login for iCab’s current webpage. Swipe the Login item, tap the clipboard to copy your password, switch back to iCab, and log right in.

Bonus points: 1Password will erase your password from iOS’s clipboard after 90 seconds. You can adjust this Clear Clipboard option under Settings > Security.

Thanks to Alexander Clauss for making it easier to securely log into webpages with iCab Mobile and 1Password!