1Password How To: Setup Dropbox sync on iOS

If you’re looking to gets some 1Password sync action going with iOS, this might be the how-to video for you. I show you how to create a Dropbox account and set it up on your iPhone and iPad so 1Password can wirelessly and automatically sync all your stuff, but the basic steps can apply to Mac and PC users, too (don’t worry, those videos are coming).

Let us know what you think of this, because there are more where it came from.

Apps that Love 1Password: Crux Web Browser and Downloader

Crux - login, browse

Crux – login, browse with 1Password

I’m delighted to say that our Apps that Love 1Password page continues to grow, and today it’s our second web browser! We’d like to thank Maximilian Litteral for adding 1Password integration to Crux Web Browser and Downloader.

As of Crux 1.2.1, you can open any webpage in 1Password and automatically search 1Password for Logins to a couple built-in services, like Instapaper and Readability.


It’s a great way to let you browse the web more securely, and makes it much more convenient to use 1Password’s extremely secure, you-couldn’t-remember-them-if-you-tried passwords to log into sites.