Apps That Love 1Password: Dispatch

I’ll admit, we might need to switch to a weekly digest format to handle all these Apps That Love 1Password posts. While we kick around that idea, you can kick around Dispatch, a new iPhone email client that lets you actually do something with all those messages.

Dispatch looks like a minimal email client, but as Chad Feldheimer so eloquently said, appearances can be… deceptive (NSFW). You can create tasks from messages in OmniFocus and Things, save links to Evernote and Pocket, send text selections to Drafts, open addresses in Google Maps, and more. You can also add text snippets on a per-account basis and even create them by selecting text in a message.

Of course, one of Dispatch’s best features is the sweet, sweet ways in which it shakes hands with 1Password. While adding an account, a 1Password button will appear to let you quickly switch, search for the Login you need, and copy your password to paste it. Plus, if you tap a link in a message, one of your options will be to open it in 1Password’s feature-tastic 1Browser so you can fill forms and shopping carts with a single tap.

Dispatch is available now in the App Store, and I personally recommend it.