Expense Tool 2 adds 1Password support to create, enter passcodes

App_Icon_512x512Our Apps that Love 1Password page gets a little longer today, and it’s for a great cause: your personal finances. Jürg Otter has released Expense Tool 2 for iPhone and iPad, a big new version of his expense tracking tool with some great new features, including 1Password support.

In a nutshell, Expense Tool 2 helps you watch how much you spend on food, your new hobby, vacation—whatever you want. You can attach receipts, photos, and locations to the expenses you track, and create multiple sets to keep things organized. Expense Tool 2 also lets you exchange data between multiple iOS devices—great for tracking expenses with a coworker or a special someone.

To keep all this sensitive financial information safe, Jürg’s big Expense Tool 2 update added 1Password support for creating and entering a passcode to lock the app. It’s a great way to create a strong, unique password to protect your expense data, yet conveniently enter it when it’s time to get tracking.

Check out Expense Tool 2 and its new 1Password integration in our in our gallery below, or go pick up a universal copy for iPhone and iPad for just $1.99 in the App Store.

New iPad productivity book calls 1Password a “Can’t Do Without” app

Million Dollar iPad

Three years after its debut, the iPad can be put to work in business for any number of uses. Scott Grossberg, a partner at CGC Law, released a new book about what the iPad can do for businesses large and small, and he was kind enough to include 1Password as one of his “Can’t Do Without” apps.

The Million Dollar iPad: Secrets for Increasing Your Profits, Productivity and Business Performance sets out to do exactly what’s on the tin. The iPad can be a huge asset for everything from presentations to document management. Add 1Password to the mix, and an iPad can be tremendously useful for creating unique, strong passwords for website logins, keeping meeting notes secure, automatically filling long, tedious forms, and more.

Scott was even kind enough to drop us a personal note about the ways 1Password fits into his daily routine:

1Password happily lives and powerfully enhances what I do on my desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, and even my iTouch. And it easily syncs across all devices! In fact, it is a program that is used throughout my office. As an attorney and businessman, security is of prime importance to me and my clients. Like me, 1Password is for you if you want peace of mind in storing your passwords, notes, login information, and other important data on your devices. I even use it to generate passwords.

Whether you work for a company or you’re a one-person show, give The Million Dollar iPad a look on Amazon to learn more about what the iPad and 1Password can do for your business.

So I found these 1Password screenshots in our Dropbox

I couldn’t help but notice the other day that our team Dropbox folder is getting huge. I mean, we’re a 25-person company now, y’know? Loootta folders within folders going on.

This all started when I wanted to get a better look at a slide our CEO used during his guest keynote speech at Dropbox’s first-ever DBX conference last week. Notice anything weird in it? I did.

So, I’m rooting around in our Dropbox to get a closer look at that shot, right? And I stumble across two screenshots that, if I didn’t know any better, look a little Android-y. Now, I could be wrong, but let’s be real here. I’m probably not. I put in a word with one of our designers, Matt Davey, to see what’s going on.

It seems he’s a hard man to catch, though. Probably on account that he’s so busy right now.

Working on what, I don’t know.

But there it is. You’ll know more when I do.

1Password was on stage at Dropbox’s first developer conference! [Update with video]

DBX logoIt’s not every day that you get to share a stage with Dropbox’s founder and CEO, Drew Houston. But this was just such a day for us, as AgileBits was invited to speak at Dropbox’s first-ever developer conference in San Francisco.

The conference is called DBX, and Dropbox invited our CEO, Jeff Shiner, to be a guest speaker during the opening keynote. During Drew’s keynote about his company and where it’s going, he asked Jeff onto the stage for a bit to tell a sold-out room of developers about 1Password, how Dropbox helps us do our job, and how our customers use Dropbox to effortlessly sync their data across all their devices.

Oh and the best part? When introducing us and the challenge of creating and remembering too many passwords, Drew told the room and the world that “1Password is the best way in the world to solve this problem.” Check it out in the video below.

Dropbox also announced some great new features that we’re pretty excited about, like Drop-ins and the new Datastore API. There is also a great lounge area, developer sessions throughout the afternoon, and of course some music to wrap up the evening.

All in all, it’s been a great experience and Jeff’s talk went over really well, including the jokes. If you’d like to see the keynote, I hear it will be available online tomorrow at Dropbox’s DBX site. We’d like to thank Drew and everyone at Dropbox for this fantastic opportunity.


See below for the video of the entire Dropbox keynote (and further below for a gallery I shot of the conference). Our own Jeff Shiner was the first guest on stage, and it starts around the 16:00 mark.

DBX 2013 Keynote from Dropbox on Vimeo.

1Password 4.2.2 for iOS is out with improvements for iOS 7, 1Browser, and VoiceOver

1Password 4 for iOS iconWe just released a small update to 1Password for iOS with some handy improvements. It is available now in the App Store.

First, if you’re one of those intrepid early adopters I mentioned, we added some enhancements while using 1Password on Apple’s iOS 7 developer beta. We also have improved VoiceOver support for searching and a crash fix when scrolling tabs in 1Browser, the awesome new browser we built into 1Password 4 so you can log into websites, checkout while shopping, and fill long registration forms with a single tap.

As I mentioned, 1Password 4.2.2 is available now in the App Store. If you have a spare second, please give us a great rating, a Like, or even a review in the store—they really do help, and we really will see it and think even more highly of you as a smashing individual.

We’re opening a Toronto office, need developers and support reps to fill it!

designed by RedBubble

designed by RedBubble

It has been a period of great celebration and growth at AgileBits.

1Password for iOS is a resounding success. We’ve grown to over 25 team members. Major upcoming releases for Mac, Windows, and Android foretell a bright future for our customers. This is why we call on you, now, to help us build that future.

AgileBits is going to open its first office soon, one that doesn’t involve sofas and rum at a co-founder’s house. It’s in downtown Toronto, so we’re looking to fill said office with Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone developers, as well as another customer support and technical support rep or two, who live around the Toronto area.

At around 2,000 square feet, it’s not too shabby for our first official office. I don’t think we’ll go the ping-pong-table route, but we do plan to have refrigerators, coffee, tea, and some other great perks to make the place Agile.

Ideally, the Jedi of the Toronto Order we seek would be delighted to frequent our new office on a daily basis, sit down with company-provided hardware, and do great work in the name of AgileBits and our incredible customers.

What can we offer you in return? Well, besides a great family of local and remote coworkers and the possibility of a re-neg on the sofas and rum thing, we have:

  • An encouraging, cooperative environment powered by said great family members
  • A healthy pay scale
  • Mind-blowing company get-togethers like our Dominican trip
  • A fairly flexible schedule
  • Casual Fridays. Probably. Or, more likely, just all the time. We’re cool that way
  • Lots of other neat stuff that makes working at AgileBits much cooler than what you’re doing right now

Since we have your attention, here’s how you can get ours. Email us with the subject of your desired position—Mac/Windows/Android developer, Customer/Technical Support, etc—your resume, and your story.

Let’s build something great together.

Show some 1Password love with our new t-shirts!

AgileBits command slash t-shirtKnow what’s cool? T-shirts.

Know what’s even cooler? 1Password t-shirts, and now you can get your very own!

Available in both women’s and men’s sizes from our new Agile Goods Store, these 1Password t-shirts do double-duty. They make you look fantastic and ensure you never forget your password. They’re a cotton + recycled polyester two-fer!

You can pick up our new shirts for $15 apiece, and the Agile Goods Store, powered by Merchline, ships globally. Enjoy!

On 1Password, iOS 7, and OS X Mavericks

iOS 7 iconOS X Mavericks icon

So, Apple is working on these things called iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, which happen to be in private beta for developers right now. In general, our current, shipping versions should work pretty well on said betas. And while I cannot confirm we are working on our own things for Apple’s new things, I also cannot deny we are working on said things.

Yes, I live a life of confirmatory non-denial. This is why I drink.

What I can tell you is that if we were working on some things for Apple’s new things, we would probably have some planned for both the short term and less-than-short term. Since the less-than-short term category is the more interesting of the two, I’ll bet you one whiskey sour that things like UI Dynamics and AirDrop in iOS 7 are really fun to namedrop enigmatically in a blog post.


In the short term, for the intrepid “early adopters” in the audience, 1Password should run just fine on the iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks betas. If you are one of said intrepid customers, be sure to let us know if you run into something so we can prepare for when Apple ships these OSes to the public.

I actually can confirm that we’re working on small 1Password updates to fix a few quirks on Apple’s betas, such as a crash during New User Setup on Mac and search bar and tab wonkiness on iOS. We hope to get those up soon, so stay tuned here, on Twitter, or on Facebook to hear when they’re out.