We’re opening a Toronto office, need developers and support reps to fill it!

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designed by RedBubble

It has been a period of great celebration and growth at AgileBits.

1Password for iOS is a resounding success. We’ve grown to over 25 team members. Major upcoming releases for Mac, Windows, and Android foretell a bright future for our customers. This is why we call on you, now, to help us build that future.

AgileBits is going to open its first office soon, one that doesn’t involve sofas and rum at a co-founder’s house. It’s in downtown Toronto, so we’re looking to fill said office with Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone developers, as well as another customer support and technical support rep or two, who live around the Toronto area.

At around 2,000 square feet, it’s not too shabby for our first official office. I don’t think we’ll go the ping-pong-table route, but we do plan to have refrigerators, coffee, tea, and some other great perks to make the place Agile.

Ideally, the Jedi of the Toronto Order we seek would be delighted to frequent our new office on a daily basis, sit down with company-provided hardware, and do great work in the name of AgileBits and our incredible customers.

What can we offer you in return? Well, besides a great family of local and remote coworkers and the possibility of a re-neg on the sofas and rum thing, we have:

  • An encouraging, cooperative environment powered by said great family members
  • A healthy pay scale
  • Mind-blowing company get-togethers like our Dominican trip
  • A fairly flexible schedule
  • Casual Fridays. Probably. Or, more likely, just all the time. We’re cool that way
  • Lots of other neat stuff that makes working at AgileBits much cooler than what you’re doing right now

Since we have your attention, here’s how you can get ours. Email us with the subject of your desired position—Mac/Windows/Android developer, Customer/Technical Support, etc—your resume, and your story.

Let’s build something great together.