1Password 4.2.2 for iOS is out with improvements for iOS 7, 1Browser, and VoiceOver

1Password 4 for iOS iconWe just released a small update to 1Password for iOS with some handy improvements. It is available now in the App Store.

First, if you’re one of those intrepid early adopters I mentioned, we added some enhancements while using 1Password on Apple’s iOS 7 developer beta. We also have improved VoiceOver support for searching and a crash fix when scrolling tabs in 1Browser, the awesome new browser we built into 1Password 4 so you can log into websites, checkout while shopping, and fill long registration forms with a single tap.

As I mentioned, 1Password 4.2.2 is available now in the App Store. If you have a spare second, please give us a great rating, a Like, or even a review in the store—they really do help, and we really will see it and think even more highly of you as a smashing individual.