So I found these 1Password screenshots in our Dropbox

I couldn’t help but notice the other day that our team Dropbox folder is getting huge. I mean, we’re a 25-person company now, y’know? Loootta folders within folders going on.

This all started when I wanted to get a better look at a slide our CEO used during his guest keynote speech at Dropbox’s first-ever DBX conference last week. Notice anything weird in it? I did.

So, I’m rooting around in our Dropbox to get a closer look at that shot, right? And I stumble across two screenshots that, if I didn’t know any better, look a little Android-y. Now, I could be wrong, but let’s be real here. I’m probably not. I put in a word with one of our designers, Matt Davey, to see what’s going on.

It seems he’s a hard man to catch, though. Probably on account that he’s so busy right now.

Working on what, I don’t know.

But there it is. You’ll know more when I do.