New iPad productivity book calls 1Password a “Can’t Do Without” app

Million Dollar iPad

Three years after its debut, the iPad can be put to work in business for any number of uses. Scott Grossberg, a partner at CGC Law, released a new book about what the iPad can do for businesses large and small, and he was kind enough to include 1Password as one of his “Can’t Do Without” apps.

The Million Dollar iPad: Secrets for Increasing Your Profits, Productivity and Business Performance sets out to do exactly what’s on the tin. The iPad can be a huge asset for everything from presentations to document management. Add 1Password to the mix, and an iPad can be tremendously useful for creating unique, strong passwords for website logins, keeping meeting notes secure, automatically filling long, tedious forms, and more.

Scott was even kind enough to drop us a personal note about the ways 1Password fits into his daily routine:

1Password happily lives and powerfully enhances what I do on my desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, and even my iTouch. And it easily syncs across all devices! In fact, it is a program that is used throughout my office. As an attorney and businessman, security is of prime importance to me and my clients. Like me, 1Password is for you if you want peace of mind in storing your passwords, notes, login information, and other important data on your devices. I even use it to generate passwords.

Whether you work for a company or you’re a one-person show, give The Million Dollar iPad a look on Amazon to learn more about what the iPad and 1Password can do for your business.