Apps that Love 1Password: Tappd That for tracking your beer to-dos, to-done

tappd_that_icon_300It’s time to kick back with Apps that Love 1Password and open a proverbial cold one. The latest app to add 1Password integration is Tappd That, an offline companion for Untappd, a beer and bar discovery service.

Untappd gives you personalized beer recommendations and helps you find the best bars wherever you are. You can catalog and review beers you’ve had and add beers you aspire for to a wishlist. Tappd That makes all this even better by letting you take your check-in history and wishlist offline. The next time you take a journey to experience the best, most remote beer known to humanity? Tappd That will have your list even if you’re so far off the grid, you may as well be in Canada.

As of the Tappd That 1.0.4 update, a new 1Password button on the Untappd login form will let you switch to 1Password with an “untappd” AutoSearch. Just swipe across your Untappd Login item, tap the clipboard to copy the password, then switch back, paste it in, and you’re ready for a beer.

Tappd That 1.0.4 is available now in the App Store.

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