1Password beta crowdsourcing pinpoints OS X Mavericks release date

Mavs calendar iconIt should come as no surprise that we’ve been running a sizable 1Password 4 for Mac private beta for a while to help us test and polish all the great new stuff on the way. If it does surprise you, well, you learned something today!

Naturally, a focus of our beta is to make sure 1Password is ready for when Apple releases Mavericks, the next major OS X upgrade. The only catch is that, as par for the course, no one knows exactly when that release will be, so everyone is left guessing. Since we want to ship 1Password 4 for Mac before the big cat’s California hotspot’s release date, we decided to crowdsource the answer from our beta testers.

We devised and optimized a series of highly scientific survey questions for our testers. One such question involved a prediction for the OS X Mavericks release date, and here’s what we got:

  • average: October 5
  • median: October 1
  • earliest: August 27

Now we have our answer—the crowdsourced release for OS X Mavericks is the first week of October!

Before you ask: no, for a number of reasons, we are in fact not concerned that All Things D made its own prediction for when Apple might hold its expected fall event, partly because no knows whether Mavericks is even on that event’s schedule. On the other hand, one of our testers answered “September 10, 2039” so, as with most predictions, take this all with a grain of salt.