Keep an eye out for our own Greig Allen at iOSDevUK!

Do not give Greig food or drink

Attention iOSDevUK attendees: when you see this gentlemen roaming around in Aberystwyth between September 3-5 (and you will), do not, under any circumstances, give him food or drink after midnight unless you’re looking for a good time.

Yes, AgileBits’ Greig Allen will attend the iOSDevUK indie dev conference the first week in September, and he instructed me to instruct you to say hi! Greig likes football (the real kind), long walks around dev conferences, food, trying his chops at learning how to develop, and possibly showing off 1Password 4 for Mac. In that order.

Keep an eye out for Greig at iOSDevUK and, hey what the heck, feel free to get food and drink involved. YOLO.

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