Apps that Love 1Password: Orbit for

Orbit iconOur page of Apps that Love 1Password has experienced a sudden lack of gravity, as Orbit for is the latest to add support for quickly searching 1Password for account credentials.

Orbit is kind of like CloudApp for Mac and Droplr. It lets you quickly upload files from your iPhone and adds a short sharing link to your clipboard, perfect for sharing in social media and email. The big difference is that Orbit is built on top of your account storage and integrated with any other services and apps you run.

Upon logging into Orbit on your iPhone for the first time, a 1Password button will quickly switch you to our app and automatically search for “” among all your items. Simply swipe to the right across your item to show the Action Bar, tap the clipboard to copy your password, then switch back to Orbit to paste.

We’re delighted that Orbit brought 1Password along for an interstellar ride so you can login quickly and get on with sharing. Check it out in the App Store.

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