1Password 4 for Mac features: 1Password mini

With over 90 new features in 1Password 4 for Mac, I figured you could use some help exploring them. You can always check our Experience Guide, FAQs, and Knowledgebase, but I want to kick this series off with one of my favorites: 1Password mini.

That’s right, we took a cue from Dr. Evil and genetically engineered a sidekick for 1Password that lives in the menubar. To make things simple and help you get things done faster, 1Password mini has the same features and interface as our all-new browser extension, allowing you to:

  • search almost every vault item type
  • open Logins in your default browser and AutoFill your credentials
  • generate new passwords
  • browse your vault by item type, your folders folder, and tags
  • switch vaults if you’re using the new Multiple & Shared Vaults features
  • view item details and copy them to your clipboard
  • anchor item details to stay open in their own lil’ window
  • lock 1Password
  • and more!

Even if the main 1Password app isn’t running, 1Password mini is there to take care of nearly everything you need. 1Password mini is one of over 90 new features in the gorgeous new 1Password 4 for Mac. Check it out in the Mac App Store and our web store.