Apps that Love 1Password: Money Pilot

Money Pilot Icon@152pStaying on top of your finances is a good idea, and so is managing them in a secure way. That’s why we’re happy to see a brand new iPhone app, Money Pilot from Victor Hudson, join the ranks of Apps that Love 1Password!

This is one of those apps that was born out of necessity—literally. Victor told me that he started managing his finances a decade ago using a spreadsheet. He built a system and got pretty good at it, but then he bought an iPhone and this approach just didn’t hold up on such a personal, mobile device. He looked for apps that could supplant his financial management spreadsheet, including Apple’s own Numbers for iOS, but ultimately decided he’d have to build it himself. And so Money Pilot was born.

Money Pilot is a financial record keeper and bill planner. You can plan bills around your pay schedule, see how much you actually can spend right now, and gain some of the automation of spreadsheets without all the overhead. Victor also added some clever 1Password support that he says was a “must have” for him, personally: you can add bank URLs for your accounts, then set 1Password’s 1Browser as the default browser for when it’s time to visit their websites.

Get Money Pilot now in the App Store for just $2.99, and be sure to leave a review to support Victor and help him make it even better! If you want to check out all the other apps that have added 1Password support, from Twitter clients to beer companions (no, really!), check out our Apps that Love 1Password page!

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