1Password + Holidays = Sanity

bowed icon macWe’re headed into the home stretch of 2013, and between travel coordination, meal planning, and shopping, there’s a whole lot of holiday stuff to juggle. If only we had computers that fit in our pockets that could make things easier… wait. We do have pocket computers, and 1Password for iOS just went on sale, so here are a few tips that will help you stay on track during the holiday season.

Secure Notes And You

We love Secure Notes. You can keep all kinds of things in them! A few examples:

  • Travel itineraries. Since you already have your logins in 1Password, add your trip info as a Secure Note. Then if you need to rebook or make a change, you’re one tap from logged in! You can also add the garage door or alarm codes for your in-laws house, or other temporary things you might need.
  • Shopping information. Got lots of people to track gifts for? Create a Note for each person, and add clothing or shoe sizes, preferences in colors, or ideas you came across before you were in full Gift Shopping Mode.
  • Epic menu data. You can keep lists of guests, their allergies, and their preferences, or even keep those Secret Family Recipes super secret!
  • You can keep lists of how people are related to each other (particularly handy for new family members), and nobody will stumble across it by accident! They’ll just think you have a great memory!

bowed icon iOSShop Securely… anywhere!

You already know you can store your credit card data in 1Password and fill it securely in a snap. Some other ways you can make shopping with 1Password more convenient are below:

  • Add all your card info to the 1Password Credit Card item, including all that information on the back about calling customer service or replacing a card. Then if you need it, just tap the phone number to make the call.
  • A number of popular websites have gotten more mobile-friendly, so now when you have the inspiration, you can log in using the built-in 1Browser and whip up a little holiday magic right from your iOS device. And if you combine that with “buy online, pick up in store” service, you’re only in the store long enough to pick it up, get a receipt, and get out again. (This does wonders for my budget!)
  • Identity Sorcery. Set up Identities for family members you regularly ship things to. Label them clearly, and voila! No more fumbling for info when you need to send something to kids or grandkids or anyone else.
  • Remember that you can always gift 1Password to those family members who are bad at remembering passwords or use the back of their address book. You can gift a copy from our store, or you can buy an iTunes gift card to gift the Mac App Store version.

Now here are a couple of bonus tips for those who think of Black Friday and December 26 not as days for power shopping, but as Family Technology Maintenance And Probably Assistance Hooking Up The New Thing They Just Got Day:

  • Keep Wi-Fi login information in 1Password for family routers. And while you’re at it, take photos of those stickers on the side/bottom of the router and modem with all the model information and serial numbers. Then when you’re trying to assist from afar, your search-fu is increased by including the model.
  • Expansion of the previous item: If you give or receive some tech, get a photo of that model/serial sticker on the device before you put it on the wall or in the A/V cabinet, then you have it later when you need it. (I attach these to secure notes with all the other information about the item, such as when and where it was purchased.)
  • Add other family logins to your login items, and tag them so you know they’re family items. Then save them in a smart folder. When you need a family login, that folder has everything in one place.

Hopefully these tips will keep your holiday season a fun one. :)