I think Secret Santa accidentally delivered a 1Password for iOS screenshot

The AgileBits team did its first Secret Santa this year, but I think the gift I (anonymously) received was meant for you. Yes, you.

Sure, we opened our first office in Toronto earlier this year, but a good portion of the company is still remote, which made pulling off a Secret Santa interesting. Maybe a little too interesting, though, because I think my Secret Santa gave me the screenshot you see below by accident. It just kinda showed up; I don’t know who it’s from (them’s the rules of Secret Santa), or what, specifically, it is, but I figured it’s my duty to make sure this gift gets delivered to its intended recipient.

It kinda looks like 1Password for iOS, except… different, don’t you think? I’ll get on the horn to the AgileBits Secret Santa Customer Support line and see what I can find out; you’ll know more when I do.

For now, happy holidays.

1P 4.5 iOS Secret Santa whoops