There’s 1Password documentation in your head, we need it out. Yes, we’re hiring again!

Train tracks

You have experience building documentation for powerful, popular products that span more than one platform. You also laugh at the task of organizing these labyrinths of documentation because you eat labyrinths for breakfast. If you’re nodding right now because I really get what you’re all about, we’d like to talk to you.

Yes, AgileBits is growing again, and this time we need someone with strong documentation experience. Someone who can create the greatest 1Password documentation and user guides for Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android the world has ever known.

What can we offer ye wizard of documentation? I believe you would have more success asking what we can’t offer. We’re a remote-friendly company based in downtown Toronto, Canada, so we’re interested whether you can work with our incredible team in our office or roll in your pajamas at home. We have:

Now, what do we ask for in exchange? Beyond the aforementioned experience and drive to build incredible documentation and user guides for 1Password, we want to see that you can:

  • Demonstrate a great work ethic
  • Translate 1Password and its great features into languages that everyone can understand, newbies and power-users alike
  • Handle a fast-paced environment
  • Hang with some of our tools like Confluence, HipChat, and TextExpander
  • Bring some of your own tricks

If you have documentation and user guide experience, and you’re still nodding your head, email us. Tell us who you are, what you’ve done, and how you can make our documentation shine.