1Password 4.3 for Mac: The full release notes

1Password 4 for Mac icon

Last week Tuesday we released 1Password 4.3 for Mac and 1Password 4.5 for iOS, updates that were both so large that I figured I’d skip listing their full release notes for fear of making you scroll your morning and afternoon away. But we had enough requests to see the full release notes here on the blog, so I am happy to deliver!

What follows is every last big feature and little improvement that make 1Password 4.3 for Mac so fantastic.

◆ The Big Stuff ◆

  • When you update a password for an existing item, the AutoSave window will now prompt you to update that item!
  • You can now choose which vault to use when saving a new Login
  • Edit items directly within 1Password mini!
  • Edit generated passwords in 1Password mini, too
  • Looking for something specific? 1Password mini now searches everything, from your usernames to your notes
  • We’ve added full screen support so 1Password can be larger than ever!
  • Like keyboard shortcuts? 1Password mini now has a ton of ‘em
  • Keyboard shortcuts for switching vaults
  • Tab and Shift-Tab shortcuts to navigate in 1Password mini’s details view
  • Command (⌘)-O to anchor 1Password mini’s details view
  • Command (⌘)-E to enter edit mode in 1Password mini’s details view
  • Command (⌘)-S to save changes in 1Password mini’s details view
  • Command (⌘)-. to cancel changes and exit the edit mode in 1Password mini’s details view
  • By popular request, 1Password mini now shows Secure Notes!

◆ Sync & Export ◆

  • Now when you change your Master Password, it will sync to your other devices
  • Internet? Who needs it! USB is the future, so now you can sync your data file using a USB drive
  • We’ve made some improvements to the way 1Password interacts with Dropbox
  • New exporting options: 1Password can now export items to CSV and plain text (careful here—your items are not encrypted in these formats!)

◆ Editing Items ◆

  • Added the ability to move items (in addition to copy) from one vault to another
  • Right clicking on an item in the item list will now select that item
  • We’ve made the item list even better, both when you right click on an item and when you click on the Item menu
  • You can now resume editing if 1Password locks or quits in the middle of a change
  • You can even switch vaults while editing an item and resume editing when you switch back
  • Easily rename tags directly within the sidebar
  • Item note editing now supports Undo/Redo

◆ Backups ◆

  • New Find Backup button allows you to restore external backup files
  • You can now restore from a backup when launching 1Password for the first time

◆ Languages ◆

  • Catalan and Danish localization
  • New languages added
  • Updated translations

◆ Misc ◆

  • Greatly improved URL matching makes logging in to sites with sub domains easy
  • Use Go&Fill from the main application even when your browser is not open
  • 1Password mini now supports fuzzy search. For example: “oogle” will now return items named “Google”
  • Improved support for multiple Chrome profiles
  • Addressed some minor visual and grammar issues
  • You can now sort by Category in Security Audit
  • Improved import from CSV
  • Many bugs died to bring us this update