1Password button 4.2: The Greatly Improved Edition is out!

OPb new 2014We just pushed an update to our current browser button that’s so big, I’m calling it The Greatly Improved Edition. 1Password 4 for Mac and Windows 4.0 beta testers can check to make sure their auto-update features are locked in their upright positions and take the new button out for a spin now.

You can read the full release notes after the break below, but the gist of this release is that everything about the 1Password button is Improved: filling your username and password where they’re supposed to go, dealing with fancy hidden login forms, filling credit card details, and just a whole bunch of button-fillingy stuff. Oh, and Identities now fill in birthdays.

By the time you finished reading this, Mac v4 users and Windows v4 testers should already have the update, but you can always check your extension settings to make sure. Enjoy the 1Password button Greatly Improved Edition and let us know what you think in our forum!

Release Notes

  • [IMPROVED] Greatly reduced the size of 1Password’s injected script which will improve page loading performance.
  • [IMPROVED] Improved field matching when filling by username and password designations.
  • [IMPROVED] No longer using the “spray paint” / “FILL-ALL-THE-FIELDS” method when filling logins.
  • [IMPROVED] Websites that use a single form for multiple use cases (such as United and other ASP.net sites) now fill by username and password much better.
  • [IMPROVED] Added support for Private Browsing mode when opening new Firefox windows via Go & Fill.
  • [IMPROVED] Autosubmit no longer clicks a submit element unless it is 100% certain it will have no side effects. Mac App Store users will need to install this Autosubmit Script: http://i.agilebits.com/jp/Install1PasswordAutosubmit.zip
  • [IMPROVED] Now skipping hidden fields during filling.
  • [IMPROVED] Updated toolbar icon to match new Firefox 29 design.
  • [IMPROVED] Updated to latest Firefox Add-on SDK (v1.16).
  • [IMPROVED] Upgraded to newer version of Google Closure Compiler.
  • [IMPROVED] Fill Identity now fills birthday.
  • [IMPROVED] Improved Credit Card filling on several websites, especially expiry dates.
  • [IMPROVED] Improved login filling on several sites that overlay password and username fields with other fields.
  • [IMPROVED] Now filling username and password on sites that use multiple HTML forms for a single login page. This includes Parallels Plesk Panel and many other similar sites.
  • [IMPROVED] Improved Login filling on many other websites.
  • [IMPROVED] Save Login will now save select fields and Fill Login will restore them.
  • [IMPROVED] Several Fill Login speed enhancements.
  • [FIXED] Now always removing the fill animation class once filling completes.
  • [FIXED] When using Go & Fill from the main app, Firefox will no longer load two duplicate tabs.
  • [FIXED] Can now fill and submit automatically on macuser.de and other sites that use the “hidden password” technique.
  • [FIXED] Improved detection of viewable/non-viewable fields, resolving fill problems on splashthat.com and similar sites.
  • [FIXED] Firefox will now reuse Empty Tabs during Go & Fill when possible.