Our 1Password App Extension for iOS 8 is already supported by over 100 apps, here are nearly 20

App ExtensionThe response to 1Password’s App Extension for iOS 8 has been incredible: our customers are beyond excited to use 1Password across iOS with Touch ID and their favorite apps, and an amazing number of developers have already added our extension to their upcoming apps in preparation for iOS 8!

We can’t share the full list of developers yet (we just cracked 100!). But we can show you nearly 20 apps that are already working on integrating 1Password’s iOS 8 App Extension for fast, one-tap logging in and even updating your passwords!

Plus, our 1Password update for iOS 8 will be free to existing customers! Since you can get 1Password for iOS for just $9.99, you can start saving time and get secure online right now.

What the 1Password App Extension can do for you

Since the announcement, our mad-scientist developers have kept working in their secret laboratory to add even more super-hero powers to this powerful extension. Developers, check out our GitHub project to add 1Password integration to your own apps!

Here’s the rundown of the skills we’ve added to the extension so far:

  • Fill Logins, Credit Cards, and Identities into Safari
  • Fill Logins into other third party apps (including web browsers) that add support for it
  • Generate strong, unique passwords and create new Logins during a signup process
  • Update a Login’s password if you change it in an app

Apps that already Love 1Password

As promised, here is a sample of over 100 apps that are already preparing for iOS 8 and our new extension ship!

Slack – Team communication for the 21st century

Slack is changing the way teams communicate — real-time messaging combined with file storage, and integrated with tools that teams are already using: Dropbox, Asana, Google+ Hangouts, Twitter, Zendesk, and many more. Conversations and files are archived, indexed and instantly synced across multiple devices. making everything accessible through one simple search box.

You can find out more about Slack on their website, and find it on the App Store to see how Slack could help you be more productive, and less busy.


Twitterrific is a simply beautiful way to tweet and interact with your followers. With the 1Password extension, Twitterrific allows users to log in to their favorite websites from the in-app browser without switching applications. Whether it’s an article you want to save or an Instagram photo you like, you’ll be able to interact with the web easier than ever before.

Twitterrific is available in the App Store.


InBrowser is an incognito/private browser for iOS with video support. Each time you exit InBrowser, everything you’ve done in the app will be erased, including history, cookies, and sessions. InBrowser is a feature rich browser, and it’s in permanent private mode.

See 1Password and InBrowser in action in this video.

You can read more about InBrowser on their website, or snag it in the App Store.


Foodler is an online food ordering service that connects consumers with the widest variety of restaurants for immediate delivery.

Read all about Foodler on their website. Foodler is available in the App Store.

Pocket Informant – Calendar and Tasks

Spend less time planning your life, and more time living it with Pocket Informant!

See your entire schedule, todo list and rich notes all together in one beautiful app. Increase your personal productivity with the most complete feature list you’ll find from any app, and enjoy the benefits of a well-organized life! Login with 1Password, share events and tasks via AirDrop, enter events and tasks using natural language, create templates, use advanced filters and much more!

Get your life organized by picking up Pocket Informant in the App Store.

Tappd That

Tappd That is your offline companion for your Untappd beer and brewery data. Take your entire check-in history, tasting notes, wish list, and favorite bars with you wherever you go, even if you’re offline. Search your beer list with zero network latency.

On top of all that, enjoy the fastest check-in experience available on any platform. Features like “guess my location” and “quick check-in” trim precious moments off from the time before you get to sip that hoppy brew. While you’re drinking, use the built-in tools to get beer details from top-rated beer websites.

Tappd That is proud to use the 1Password extension to promote the use of strong passwords and smart password storage, even when under the influence of barley and hops.

Feeling thirsty? Tappd That is in the App Store.

Flow – Web Browser and Downloader

Flow is the most simple yet feature-packed web browser on the App Store. Flow aims to have a ton of features but not be confusing or cluttered. Flow can download any file for offline or later use. Flow supports many file formats such as MP3, MP4, txt, pdf, zip, gif and many more.

Flow even has a night mode and a few extra themes, but if a user wants to personalize Flow more then there is a theme creator. Flow is free with an in-app purchase to unlock Dropbox access, Themes, Downloads and Adblock. Flow uses 1Password to fill in web forms and to fill in Instapaper and Readability logins inside the app.

Get into Flow in the App Store.


HipChat is a hosted group chat and video chat for companies and teams. HipChat for iOS helps you stay connected with your coworkers from anywhere.

Share ideas, code, and files with your team in real time. Rooms are perfect for individual projects, teams, or entire departments. You can also hop into a 1-to-1 chat with a co-worker anytime.

Signing in to HipChat is easier than ever with the 1Password extension in iOS 8.

Connect with your team. HipChat is available in the App Store.

Pinner App

A delightful app for managing your Pinboard bookmarks, Pinner is a fast, no-nonsense iPhone and iPad app for Pinboard. Keep reading a bookmark when switching between devices, create custom searches on both your bookmarks and community bookmarks and get fast access to your most important bookmarks & the newest ones from around the web.

Pinner is taking full advantage of the great new features in iOS 8. Not only can you log in easily using 1Password, but Pinner will also allow you to create a new bookmark in Pinner from anywhere you can share a URL or web page using the new Share Extensions available in iOS 8.

Start pinning in the App Store.




Email meets GTD with Text Expander snippets.

Dispatch makes it easy to act on emails even when you’re on the move.

It lets you get rid of emails by swiping, respond faster with snippets, and process your mail with other apps.

Dispatch is available in the App Store.


Tap Forms

Tap Forms Organizer is a super easy to use, yet very powerful database application for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Mac. It comes with many built-in forms ready to fill out but you can also create your own forms from scratch with zero programming knowledge required. The Mac version has a custom layout designer that enables you to easily create professional looking forms with your own company logo, photos, checkboxes, popup buttons and more.

Label printing is coming in version 3.0 for Mac (due this fall) along with a brand new look and feel. Now getting organized is even easier with log in support for 1Password in the new iOS version!

Get organized with Tap Forms in the App Store.


Welcome to the new era of Sweetness! App.Net just got a new client. It is full-featured, with push notifications, and this latest update is totally re-written for iOS 7 and 8 using Swift! It’s got some great new features including fullscreen user interface, private message and mention support, push notifications for mentions, a carefully designed user interface and fast Login, partly due to 1Password’s extension integration.

Sweeten your App.net life with Sweeet.net in the App Store.

Chronicle App

Chronicle is a bill management & reminder app. The upcoming iOS 8 update includes an embedded web view for paying bills within the app. When a user taps “Pay Bill”, they are taken to the website where the bill is paid, and they can fill in their password using 1Password.

Never miss a bill again with the Chronicle App in the App Store.

Capitaine Train

create account2

Capitaine Train is the best train ticket booking engine in Europe. Since 2011, more than 350,000 users have trusted the app to purchase their train tickets in France, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, and more!

Start travelling now with Capitaine Train in the App Store!

iCab Mobile

iCab Mobile is a web browser for iPhone and iPad. It features configurable filters, Browser IDs, a Download Manager, Multiuser support, many privacy options, a highly configurable user interface. Check out videos of iCab Mobile creating a password and iCab Mobile filling a Login.

Start browsing with iCab Mobile in the App Store.

Tuber for YouTube

Tuber is an intuitive iOS client for YouTube, giving users a native YouTube experience on iOS. Users can access many feeds including their personal feeds when logged in with their YouTube accounts, Tuber also offers 14 UI unique themes so users can choose the one that suits their needs.

Tuber6.0 uses 1Password extension to let users sign in to their Google accounts through 1Password.

Snag Tuber for YouTube in the App Store.



A brand new app called Pinpoint is coming to iPhone and iPad for iOS 8. It’s a Pinboard client that takes advantage of the new iOS 8 Share Extensions to make it easy to save links from any app using the standard iOS share panel.

gMusic 2

Now you can listen to your entire music collection without having to use any space on your iOS device. With artist discovery, the ability to create radio stations and add music to your Library from within the app, gMusic2 is a great music player for Google.

Grab gMusic 2 in the App Store.

UX Recorder

UX Recorder allows usability professionals to test mobile Web sites and collect user testing data.

Get UX Recorder in the App Store.

More awesome integration coming soon!

We can’t wait to show you all the developers and apps that are adding support for our extension, from major businesses to our favorite indies.

If you’re a developer who wants to get in on the 1Password App Extension action, check out our GitHub project with everything you need and our demo video for just a couple ideas of what is possible. Then be sure to get in touch and let us know so we can include you on our soon-to-be-revamped Apps that Love 1Password page!

If you’re a customer who can’t wait to see 1Password get integrated into your favorite apps, be sure to tell their developers! Give them links to our GitHub page and demo video to show them how much awesomer our apps will be together!