Tips & Tricks: 1Password 5.1 for iOS

1Pi iOS 7 icon 1521Password 5.1 for iOS is now up in the App Store, and it sports some great new stuff based on your feedback. In fact, there’s enough for a bulleted list not much unlike this:

  • Touch ID now has 42% more touch, 27% more ID – We simplified our Auto-Lock settings for your Master Password and Touch ID to be clearer. Give Settings > Security a look.
  • Tags go mobile – Need more than folders? Folders just not your thing? Now you can add tags to items on iOS. Sub-tip: they’re comma separated.
  • iPhone 6- and 6-Plus-ified – Better graphics, even richer icons, and other tweaks for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners.
  • Custom keyboard control – Third-party keyboards are a big thing in iOS 8, but they don’t need to be in your 1Password (in short, some of them can transmit what you type to servers for, ideally, useful text-in-the-cloud stuff). We disable them by default, but you can turn them on in Settings > Advanced.

We hope you enjoy! If you get a minute, please spread some of your review magic in the App Store. They really do help!

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  1. judytucci
    judytucci says:

    I don’t know what Settings—>Advanced you are talking about. Is that in 1Password for iOS8? I don’t see such a setting. Or is this setting in the iPhone/iPad Settings? More details please…..

  2. judytucci
    judytucci says:

    Hi David-thanks for replying but today must be my Be a Ditz Day because I can’t find what you are talking about. Sorry to be so dense! What toolbar? Maybe a screenshot would help….. ;-)

    • David Chartier
      David Chartier says:

      Hi Judy. This is just a setting to let people have control over whether custom keyboards are allowed in 1Password. Custom Keyboards are a new feature in iOS 8, you can learn more about them in the App Store. But many of our customers don’t want them available in 1Password because some keyboards transmit or interact with outside services.

      For example, some keyboards let you save custom words and spelling corrections, then send those things up to a central hosted server so they are always saved with your account and available on other devices. Some people really love these features, others don’t. So we give users a choice to use custom keyboards if they want, but prevent them from working in 1Password in order to protect sensitive information.

  3. John Padfield
    John Padfield says:

    I’ve attempted to download and install the latest 1Password Update (4.4.3) over the past 24 hours with no luck. Every time I get the message “Failed to extract application archive.” I’ve attempted this a number of different way, all with no success. Am I the only person having this problem? Thanks for the speedy reply & solution!

  4. Shawn Llewellyn
    Shawn Llewellyn says:

    In the new beta of 5.1 why did you remove the iCloud sync backups? I use this on a day to day basses! This is not a good move especially if i can sync to iCloud on my iOS 8 phone but can not easily sync back and forth to my mac, unless I’m at my mac..

    • David Chartier
      David Chartier says:

      Hi Daz! I believe we did recently, possibly in v5 for Mac. Fortunately, Wi-Fi Sync happens automatically now as long as Mac and iOS are on the same wifi network, so that should help.

      If you still need a shortcut for that window though, you can add one in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts.

  5. Erik king
    Erik king says:

    Couple issues I’ve noticed:

    The passcode unlock pin does not work. Every time it’s entered using the new widget it goes back to the full password, even when the correct pin is entered.

    When you use the new widget you can only get passwords, no wallet info. It would be awesome if this could be implemented along with the ID info to auto fill forms with.


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