1Password 5 for Mac is here

What’s a major OS X release without a major 1Password update? I don’t know, but we would rather not find out. That’s why you can now get 1Password 5 for Mac in the Mac App Store and our web store!

First-class Yosemite citizen

It was only a year ago that we released 1Password 4, and 1Password 5 for Mac ensures we’re ready for the next major chapter of OS X. We completely redesigned 1Password to be a first-class OS X Yosemite citizen—in fact, it requires Yosemite now—right down to compatibility with its new Dark Mode; if you enable it, be sure to check out 1Password mini in the menu bar!

1Password mini also got its own major upgrade. Besides Dark Mode, we redesigned it to be faster and more intuitive so you can fly through menus, anchor an item in its own window with a shortcut, and more. Plus, if you trigger 1Password mini with the system-wide shortcut (⌘-⌥-\ by default), it now conveniently appears in the center of your display.

Go for an iCloud Drive

If you want to use iCloud to sync with 1Password 5 for iOS, I am thrilled to say Apple’s next-gen sync is now available in 1Password 5 for Mac. iCloud sync also now requires the Mac App Store version.

The new iCloud sync is a really big deal. It’s faster and just plain better in every way, and you simply need to upgrade to iCloud Drive on all your Apple devices to sync 1Password 5 (note: we do not store your data in iCloud Drive. We use CloudKit, its underlying technology, for sync). That means you’ll need to iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite all the things. For more details and a guide to making the transition, please check out our iCloud FAQ support document.

Wi-Fi Sync your attachments

Using Wi-Fi Sync to keep your data close to home? As long as you’re using the new 1Password 5 for Mac and iOS, I am delighted to say your attachments will now sync as well.

Upgrades and sales, oh my!

We’re so excited about 1Password 5 for Mac that we want all our v4 customers to have it for free! But what about people who have yet to buy a 1Password License of Awesomeness? No, we don’t actually call it that. But we should.

We want to help you out too, so we’re throwing a 30-percent-off launch sale! That means you can get secure and save a ton of time online for just $35!

How long does the sale run? We don’t know yet. Does it matter? Nope! Grab your 1Password License of Awesomeness now (see? it sounds great), start creating strong, unique passwords for all your accounts, and up your security.

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  1. Marcel
    Marcel says:

    Is there still a possibility to buy 1Password v4 with this discount? I have an older Mac which will probably run very slow with Yosemite…

    • David Chartier
      David Chartier says:

      Hi Marcel! The good news is that new v5 licenses will work with v4, so yes you can still get the sale price! Just buy the license from our store, but grab a copy of v4 from the bottom of our downloads page:


      Note that v4 won’t work with iCloud sync; you need iOS 8, OS X Yosemite, and iCloud Drive enabled for that. Otherwise you’re good to go!

  2. moz
    moz says:

    I always use dropbox for my syncing (1Password 4, non-appstore version) so not too bothered about iCloud syncing. The 1password mini darkmode will be handy but can’t justify the upgrade for that. Is there a problem keeping 1Password 4 or will that no longer be supported?

    • moz
      moz says:

      Ah, gotcha – I’m with you now. I’ve not actually upgraded to Yosemite on my main Mac yet which is why I didn’t see the update message (I’m waiting for a week or so until any potentially nasty Yosemite bugs are ironed out with an update).

      Thanks David!

  3. David C
    David C says:

    Maybe you can help me. I downloaded Version 4 Monday from 1Password site. Liked it a lot. So I paid for it today. Now I see there is a version 5 – only from App store. Another $34.99? Seriously? I just paid like an hour ago! So since iCloud won’t sync with Version 4 (My mac and iPhone) I tried to use wifi – but that does not show up as an option on my mac. Any suggestions?>

    • David Chartier
      David Chartier says:

      Hi David! The good news is that you get version 5 for free whether you bought on our web store or Mac App Store. You can upgrade and it will just work!

      As for iCloud sync, yes that is exclusive to the Mac App Store, per Apple’s rules. If you bought from our website but would rather have the Mac App Store version for iCloud sync, please contact our support at this address and we can get you squared away! support+webstoreicloud@agilebits.com

  4. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    “That means you’ll need to iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite all the things. ”

    I’ve been Englishing for much timing, but not this syntax sense are making.

  5. yann
    yann says:

    Well currently using it. Well, hem, currently not using it on Yosemite. iCloud sync not working. Said nothing was on iCloud (other computer, not on yosemite, haven’t issue). Application has trouble starting : got the splash/welcome screen then nothing.

  6. Dave
    Dave says:

    In the iCloud FAQ you say “… 1Password 5 does not place any files inside iCloud Drive.” But, later on the same page there are instructions for removing data from iCloud. If no files are placed in iCloud drive, what is there to remove?

    • Chris Meek
      Chris Meek says:

      Hi Dave!

      I’m sorry for the confusion. There are two parts to the new iCloud – iCloud Drive, and CloudKit. CloudKit provides a way for developers to directly interact with iCloud, rather than storing files in the new iCloud Drive. This is the way 1Password uses iCloud – which is why you won’t see the files under iCloud Drive.

      If you have any more questions, please let us know!

  7. Jim
    Jim says:

    Hello, I’ve been using 1Password since your very first version and I just bought an upgrade to version 4 a month ago and I’d really rather have the Mac App Store version to use the iCloud sync feature. Any chance I can be switched into that version? Thanks in advance for your help!

  8. Chris
    Chris says:

    If I am using v4 on my desktop and v5.x on my iPhone, will they work together? Since there is clearly no way to DL an older version on the iTunes store.

  9. Simon
    Simon says:

    Any plans on Continuum? Would be great to unlock 1Password with TouchID on iPhone, and while near my MacBook 1Password is unlocked there as well.

  10. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    If the upgrade from v4 to v5 is free why the heck does your store offer me to upgrade my family pack to a single license for $24,99?

    “Great! Your license – a Family License for 1Password 5 for Mac – has 4 possible upgrades.”

    Funny enough after reading that again it already says “Family License for 1Password *5*” (emphasis mine) so I should be fine but if someone overlooks that he/she might be “upgrading” to a single license.

  11. Will
    Will says:

    I’ve just upgraded to 1Password 5 after getting Yosemite, but it seems to be using a super hacked together version of iCloud syncing.

    It’s keeping the vault file in Documents & Data. But seen as though Documents and Data is being deprecated (and on its last legs), that file is only even viewable in Settings in iOS. It’s gone from OS X.

    What gives? Why isn’t it just using iCloud Drive like every other app?

    I’m hoping it’s only there because it takes a few hours for it to move over to iCloud Drive or something (and then I look like an idiot). 1Password 5 using Docs & Data is sloppy and confusing.

    • Chris Meek - AgileBits
      Chris Meek - AgileBits says:

      Hi Will! I’m sorry for all the confusion around the new iCloud. You are absolutely correct – Docs & Data is old and gone once you upgrade to iCloud Drive. Now, there are actually two parts to the new iCloud – iCloud Drive and CloudKit. 1Password 5 uses CloudKit, which lets developers directly interact with iCloud, rather than writing data to iCloud Drive.

      On iOS, it gets a bit more confusing – if you go into Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage, it is still called “Documents & Data”, however this is really the new iCloud, even though it has the old name.

      At any rate, you can be assured that 1Password 5 is indeed using the new iCloud :) To learn more, check out our FAQ:


      I hope this helps clear things up. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  12. Charles Ross
    Charles Ross says:

    I’ve already upgraded to 5 and am looking forward to using the keyboard shortcut for anchoring an entry. I had long used the edit button to do this. What’s the shortcut for doing this? I see the anchor button, but can’t figure out the shortcut for doing this from the keyboard.

    • Chris Meek - AgileBits
      Chris Meek - AgileBits says:

      Hi there! Thanks for letting us know you are interested in seeing 1Password for Windows in multiple languages. While we can’t directly discuss our future plans, we love hearing what our customers want. :) I’ll add your vote to this request.

  13. Monty Lee
    Monty Lee says:

    If only one computer (laptop) has upgraded to Yosemite and not the other (desktop), then the only sync option is Dropbox, correct? It won’t sync with the general iCloud sync that Mavericks had from what I can tell.

    • Chris Meek - AgileBits
      Chris Meek - AgileBits says:

      Hi Monty! That is correct – the new iCloud that is used in Yosemite is not compatible with the older one that is used on Mavericks. In this situation, Dropbox is the way to go.

      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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