1Password 5 for Mac, by the numbers

It’s been a week since we released 1Password 5 for Mac. Big releases can be a whirlwind, so I thought it would be fun to share some statistics from this past launch week.

1Password 5

  • 4 months of design/development
  • 32 beta versions released prior to the App Store release
  • 1 awesome new UI and icon
  • 4725 crashes reported since launch (although one poor customer accounted for over 1000 of those)
  • 2 feature spots: Best New Apps and Great Apps for OS X Yosemite
  • 3rd Top Grossing in the US Mac App Store
  • 3rd Top Paid in the US Mac App Store

A quick view of our customer interactions

Launch stats 1P5 Mac views ratings searches

  • 16700 views for the Web Store and iCloud FAQ (sync still dominates our top searches).

Launch stats 1P5 Mac top searches

  • 300% increase in email help desk inflows (compared to prior week)

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.46.48 AM

Website traffic

  • 100% increase in website visits (compared to prior week)
  • 300% increase in downloads of 1Password 5 for Mac
  • 74,600 sessions on launch day

Mac OS breakdown visiting our website (prior month, current month)

* Fascinating how quickly the number of people using Yosemite increased.

Launch stats 1P5 Mac OS breakdownTop 10 countries visiting during launch week

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 6.22.17 PM

 The best stat of all

All these stats are cool. But this one is the coolest. Thank you, everyone. We would be nothing without our customers.

Launch stats 1P5 Mac MAS rating

12 replies
  1. Sunny R
    Sunny R says:

    Hi I reached out to you guys regarding refunding the amount I paid for 1password from your store so that I can go ahead and buy the 1password on the mac appstore restoring my icloud functionality. I was told by Rob it was possible to do if I wanted that but not heard back after that?? I want to get the mac app store one while it’s on sale . Please reply soon!

  2. zmwangx
    zmwangx says:

    I’m waiting for a comment from the poor customer with 1000+ crashes LOL
    Anyway, great job guys (though I reserve my opinion on the Adelle typeface)!

  3. Mike Visentin
    Mike Visentin says:

    Although I am happy with 1Password I am disappointed that after purchasing it for both my macs and my IOS devices I find I can no longer utilize iCloud syncing. To have this I have to purchase the App store version? Was any thought put into arranging for a discounted price with Apple for those of us previous users who do not want to have to waste time connecting over wifi or having to use dropbox? The whole idea of cloud computing is to eliminate additional steps in syncing.

    • Chris Meek - AgileBits
      Chris Meek - AgileBits says:

      Hi Marek! Thanks for checking in. I can assure you that 1Password 5 is an awesome upgrade and works great for the majority of people – those having trouble are understandably more vocal than those not :) If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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