1Password for Mac Tips: meet 1Password mini and its not-so-mini list of shortcuts

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What might seem like one of the smallest new features in 1Password 5 for Mac is actually one of its biggest. We completely redesigned it so you can find what you need more easily, but we also gave it a huge dose of keyboard shortcuts so you can work faster and keep important items at your fingertips.

If you want to impress friends and family and save even more time with 1Password, give these 1Password mini shortcuts1 a try:

  • Open 1Password mini: ⌥-⌘-\ (Option-Command-backslash by default)
  • Open 1Password mini’s preferences: ⌘-comma (Command-comma)
  • Select a category or item: ↑ ↓
  • Open item detail window: →
  • Close item detail window: ←
  • Copy selected field: ⏎ (Return key)
  • Copy the password value for the selected Login item: ⌘-⇧-C
  • Switch vaults: ⌘-1 through 9
  • Edit an item: ⌘-E (Command-E)
  • Save an item: ⌘-S (Command-S)
  • Anchor button (to open an item in its own window): ⌘-O (Command O as in the word “open”)
  • Reveal password field: Hold ⌥ (Option key)

Keep 1Password items on screen while you work

You can even pin 1Password items on-screen in order to reference or copy their details to other apps. Just click the Anchor button (or press ⌘-O) to open an item in a separate, free-floating window. The item detail window remains open until you click the red close button. Plus, you can anchor as many items as you like.

Naturally, there’s a bonus tip here: To close multiple anchored windows all at once, hold ⌥ when you close a window using the red button.

We hope you like these shortcuts, so let us know what you think of them and if we should add any more!

  1. Naturally, these all require that, in 1Password > Preferences > General, the setting to “Always keep 1Password mini running” is enabled.
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  1. nikolaj
    nikolaj says:

    Really nice shortcuts, I’ll use them every day. Especially the edit and pin shortcuts are really useful. Looking forward for more shortcuts.

  2. David Ferguson
    David Ferguson says:

    Why is it that the license field won’t select with the keyboard from mini? I can navigate to others but it skips license which is usually what I want

  3. altryne
    altryne says:

    This is awesome. One thing I really miss is Esc, actually you know, escaping. If I pressed cmd + E to edit something by mistake, I need my mouse to exit this, Esc doesn’t work and it’s frustrating!
    Also, once I anchor something, it loses focus. Even when I open the mini after wards, I can’t seem to get the anchored window focus with only the keyboard.

  4. Alex Satrapa
    Alex Satrapa says:

    An issue I worked through with @1Password on Twitter: if your password items don’t show up in 1Password Mini searches, it might be because you have “display” set to “Never display in browser” selected. Switch that to “Always” and it shows up in 1P Mini (YMMV). The “display” option only shows up in edit mode.

    Thank you, AgileBits for a wonderful product and awesome support!

    • Shiner
      Shiner says:

      Hi Alex,

      You are absolutely right.

      Sometimes there are logins that you do not want to display in the mini. In that case you can set the Display value to “Never display in browser”. For example, I have quite a few gmail accounts (don’t we all) and yet there is only one main account that I use. I set the others to not display in the mini and that way my main account is auto-filled when I hit ⌘\.

      Of course, in those rare occasions that I want to use one of the other accounts I copy/paste the information from the main app. It’s always nice to have the choice :)

  5. Kurt L Hanson
    Kurt L Hanson says:

    I have Alfred installed, with the Powerpack. Two taps on the shift key fires up Alfred’s menu bar. Typing is enough for Alfred to throw up reference to the 1Password login I have for Time Warner Cable, I press Return and a window opens in Safari to the TWC login page, fills in username and password and all is well


  6. zmwangx
    zmwangx says:

    Apart from some brief compatibility tests done in a VM, I haven’t really upgraded to 10.10 yet so I have little experience with 1P5, but how are these shortcuts different from those in 1P4? Just by reading the list it seems that I’m familiar with all of them (except closing multiple anchored windows, which I never need)…

  7. Joshua Hamilton
    Joshua Hamilton says:

    I’ve always wanted a shortcut to more quickly bring up Identities. Maybe command-i would work from the Mini interface to quickly highlight all of our Identities, so we could key up or down before making our selection. But ideally, I’d like to be able to set up a shortcut that would bypass the 1Password interface completely, that would quickly fill in my default identity automatically. Maybe we could even have a couple shortcuts, for easy one-click access to several identities.

    • Shiner
      Shiner says:

      Hey Joshua,

      I think that is a pretty neat idea. There isn’t a shortcut to bring up identities (or credit cards) at the moment but I’ll add it to our (admittedly long) list of features to add. I think it could bring up the list of Identities (or CC’s) in the mini and you could cursor up or down to select one for filling. If we sorted favourites to the top of the list, as we should, then you could simply hit the hotkey and press enter to fill.

  8. Mike LeBlanc
    Mike LeBlanc says:

    Have I missed a preference? How do I tell mini to stay awake? If I go to it a minute after the last time, I have to retype my password.

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