‘Twas the weekend before Christmas

Sara Teare, our Minister of Magic (or Customer Support Manager), repurposed a holiday classic this weekend to show some internal appreciation for the Agile team and all their hard work over the holidays.

We love taking care of our customers, and the holidays inspire us in all sorts of ways. I just had to share this bit of internal joy and appreciation with you. :)

– – – – –
T’was the weekend before Christmas and all through the house,
every creature was stirring, including the mouse!

The stockings were out, needing filling with care,
the pressure is on, we are all so aware.

The children were running, everywhere but their bed,
With high doses of sugar going straight to their head.

Mom’s shopping on Amazon, iPad in her lap,
Dad is wishing that he could go for a nap.

When out in the Forums, there arose such a clatter,
We sprang into action to see what was the matter.

Over to Cerb, I flew with a flash,
Stopping to grab Jeff’s jelly bean stash.

Expirations of trials and license confusion,
A question here about sync substitution.

When what to our wondering eyes does appear?
St. Nick in the forums with a spinning gear :(

1Password appears to be giving him trouble,
No fear Dear Santa, we’ll help on the double!

Go Adam! Go Marshall! Go Steve! and Go Mike!
Go Eva! Go Sean! With all of your might!

Go Jasper! Go Peri! Go Marc! and Go Scott!
Go Yuanou! Go Team – think all the good thoughts!

With a click and a clack, and a DR to boot,
a quick reset and good changes take root!

His 1Password now good, its Pro features reset,
With TouchID shopping, the quickest presents to get!

All our users are happy, and are singing along,
knowing they won’t get their passwords wrong.

A simple tap or a click, and they are all off to play,
having finished their shopping the auto-fill way.

The team taking care to reassure all,
Even spending some time on telephone calls.

Everyone is so happy with all of your care,
Customer service like this can be quite rare.

With rainbows appearing, the team knew they were right,
Happy Saturday to all, and to all a good night!

/- Sara Teare

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  1. Ian
    Ian says:

    Hello Sara,

    Good Day. I hope everything is as awesome as ever in AgileBits Kingdom.

    I know very well that this is kind of a reach for me to try to chase an application via this channel but I hope this gets noticed. I recently spotted a rare vacancy in your company where you need a Herald of Support which was posted at: https://weworkremotely.com/jobs/4198-herald-of-support:

    I went through the type forms and gave it all my best answers and I felt I had a strong chance. The desire for me to be part of your team is really strong and I explained it well in my responses however 2 days have passed I didn’t receive any feedback or a regret email just to finally put closure.

    If you happen to receive this I’d love to hear your team’s feedback on my application.


    Ian Mayor
    Hopeful Support Ninja

    • Dave Teare
      Dave Teare says:

      Hi Ian! ?

      Thanks for responding to our Harold of Support posting! Jacob is working his way through everyone’s application and with any luck will be able to get back to you next week. We had a ton of applications come in so please be patient while we review everyone and select candidates for the next round of interviews.

      Take care and best of luck! ❤️


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