People accidentally tell their passwords to Jimmy Kimmel and the world

See? This is why you don’t use your pet’s name and high school graduation year for your password. Because you’ll end up on Jimmy Kimmel Live, telling it to the entire world.

To stay safe online, you want good, strong, unique passwords for all your accounts. That’s where 1Password‘s Strong Password Generator for Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android has you covered.

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    • uincmkChris
      uincmkChris says:

      At least the 1Pw password is “local” so without direct access to the device you can’t really use it. It would be bad to give out your 1Pw password but well…

    • Chris Meek - AgileBits
      Chris Meek - AgileBits says:

      Hi Jonathan and Chris,

      We would like to think that anyone using 1Password would know enough not to give their Master Password away, and as Chris mentioned even if they did at least that data is local or in their personal sync accounts (Dropbox or iCloud). That said, it definitely wouldn’t be a good idea to tell it to Jimmy Kimmel, or anyone else :)

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