1Password 5.1 for Mac: The Syncerrific Edition is here

Judging from the title, you might think this update is about Watchtower enhancements or properly formatting credit card numbers, but you would be only half right! 1Password 5.1 for Mac, rolling out now to the the AgileBits Store and Mac App Store, is all about sync.

In short, we completely overhauled how you manage sync for your primary and secondary vaults to save you time. In Preferences > Sync, you can now view all your vaults and how they sync, and change sync methods with a click.

OPM5 new sync pane

Wi-Fi Sync users also get a whole new Preferences pane that makes setup much easier. Oh, and secondary vaults can now sync via Wi-Fi!

We packed lots of other great changes into v5.1 for Mac, from copying addresses in Identities with just a click to support for Portuguese. You can view the full changelog for all the details.

1Password 5.1 for Mac is a free update available now for all v5 owners. If you’re a Mac App Store customer, please leave us a great rating and review, they really help!

As always, let us know what you think on Twitter and Facebook, and stay in touch with the AgileBits newsletter!

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    • Chris Meek - AgileBits
      Chris Meek - AgileBits says:

      Hi Karan! I’m really happy to hear you are enjoying the One Time Password support in 1Password for iOS. Thanks for letting us know you’d like to see it in the Mac app as well. While we can’t talk about future plans, I’ve added your vote to this request :)

  1. Robin
    Robin says:

    Wow… I can Sync now on a safe way only in my private Network a second (or more) vaults. I’m happy now, but I still asking me, why it it was not delivered from the beginning after you introduce multiple vaults? Well done… We have it now.


    • Chris Meek - AgileBits
      Chris Meek - AgileBits says:

      Hi Robin,

      In hind site you are absolutely right – we should have included this from the beginning. While we might not get everything right off the bat, we do listen to our awesome users who clearly wanted this feature, and so we made it happen. I’m happy you’re happy :)

    • Chris Meek - AgileBits
      Chris Meek - AgileBits says:

      Hi Michael,

      I’m really sorry to hear that Wi-Fi sync is not working properly for you!

      As I’m sure you can imagine, attempting to troubleshoot a technical issue in the blog comments can get a little bit messy.  Please check out our User Guides and Knowledgebase for help with many common questions.

      If your question is not answered in our guides, the Discussion Forums are the best way to get in contact with our support team, and we’re there to help you 7 days a week!  Please include as much detail in your post as you can so that our team can get to the bottom of this quickly.

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