1Password 5.2 for iOS: The Awesomesauce Edition is here

OPI 5.2 jar of AwesomesauceThe holiday season may be over, but we saved your best present for last! Well, at least the best present with ‘AgileBits’ printed on it somewhere. 1Password 5.2 for iOS is now making its way to the App Store, and we even saved you the time to unwrap it.

(Get it? Because software is digital and therefore impossible to wrap with paper.)

This free update goes out to our new customers and Pro feature owners. To start, we added our first-ever Login Creator, a really slick new tool that makes it easy, dare I even say fun, to add your existing Logins to 1Password and get a feel for how much time it can save you.

Login Creator has a polished workflow for hundreds of sites and services, and we hope it makes getting started with 1Password even easier.

1P iOS Login Creator

For our Pro feature owners, let’s start with a new One-Time Password tool. This helps you sign into a growing number of services (like Amazon and Tumblr) that support a secondary, randomized password for that extra… je ne sais quoi. You can learn more about One-Time Passwords at TwoFactorAuth.org.


Pro owners can now also delete attachments from the item editor and add many new custom field types like addresses, dates, and month/year.

Rounding up this release are plenty of additions in the 1Password App Extension, design, sync, Accessibility, and translation departments. You can check out the full iOS changelog if you want all the details or skip straight to the App Store and pick up the latest and greatest 1Password for iOS!

While you’re there, please take a minute to give us a great review—it helps more than you may know! Finally, let us know what you think of this release on Twitter and Facebook, and stay in touch with the Agile Newsletter.

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  1. tricil
    tricil says:

    Caveat: I’d like to replace Authy with 1Password as I use them both, but my Vault is in Dropbox and that’s locked with Authy (if I set up a new device i’d be locked out)

    • jmreekes
      jmreekes says:

      Authy doesn’t lock your Dropbox account, it simply generates the access code. You would use Authy to login to dropbox and then edit your settings and scan the QR code with 1Password. I switched from Authy to Factor2 to 1Password with no issues.

    • tricil
      tricil says:

      No i understand this completely. I’m trying to switchh from authy to 1password. But i keep my 1password vault in dropbox. So i’d need to use authy to unlock my dropbox *initially* because i wouldn’t be able to get into my vault otherwise.

    • jmreekes
      jmreekes says:

      I keep my vault in Dropbox as well. If you’re concerned about not being able to access your vault, 1Password has full-time access to your vault so it can access it whether you unlock Dropbox or not. If you’re asking about logging into dropbox first, just lovin like normal and then adjust your two factor Auth settings.

    • John Whitley (@johnwhitley)
      John Whitley (@johnwhitley) says:

      jmreekes, you are rather missing tricil’s *important* point. Scenario:

      0. Lose your phone. Destroyed, stolen, whatever.
      1. New device, say iPhone, with NO data whatsoever.
      2. Log in with Apple ID (memorized)
      3. Install 1Password for iOS
      4. Try to sync with Dropbox
      5. Enter Dropbox credentials
      6. Dropbox asks for TFA auth

      Result: FAIL. You don’t have your 1Password data yet, and now cannot get at it because it’s locked behind Dropbox TFA creds stored in … Dropbox.

      Long story short, it’s very important to pay close attention to any site using TFA and securely store the emergency codes, etc. as necessary to restore access in case the TFA device is lost. At minimum, you should plan to be able to access your critical “bootstrap” service providers (e.g. Apple ID, Google, Dropbox, etc. depending on your usage) if your primary devices are destroyed. To tricil, I would strongly recommend either disabling TFA on Dropbox or continuing to use Authy as a backup for your Dropbox TFA creds.

    • blamethemonkey
      blamethemonkey says:

      I get what you’re saying. I recently had to switch from one iPhone to another and because my iCloud backup was somehow corrupted, I had to reinstall everything from scratch. This was possible only because I had memorized my Dropbox and Authy backup passwords and I could get into Authy without using Dropbox. I love the idea of using 1P for 2FA, but if I find myself needing to switch phones again (Android? Windows Phone?), how would I get into my Dropbox account? It seems the only answer is to use a one-time access password. Such are the perils of centralizing all of your security into one application.

    • Steven Clark
      Steven Clark says:

      I have my dropbox password and the code to disable 2 step auth within Lastpass. I have just enough information there to bootstrap me in case I lost all devices/backups I have locally.

    • Kevin Hayes
      Kevin Hayes says:

      FYI, Dropbox has a “Lost my phone mode” – you can use the emergency code provided when you signed up for DropBox 2 step authentication to get in and temporarily turn it off. Then when your phone is set up again, you can turn it back on.

    • Donavon Buchanan
      Donavon Buchanan says:

      When you’re setting up a two factor authenticator, you can scan the same QR code with both Authy and 1Password before you continue on to the next step. This should allow for both authenticators to return the same temporary code.

  2. Earl Killian
    Earl Killian says:

    I was thinking of asking for 2FA support in 1Password, but you did it before I got around to asking. Thank you! I have converted over one of my 2FA accounts, and will now consider changing the others as I visit them.

    I did have the new 5.2 hang on me once (when I switched back to it, it gave me the grey lock screen without asking for touchid or passcode and sat like that for a minute before I gave up and restarted).

    I love the new features you are adding to 1Password, but it would also be good to add a little attention to websites where things don’t fill properly (e.g. it fills the password but not the username, or puts the username in the password field). I don’t have a list handy, but if you had an email address to report those, I would send them as I find them. I realize this may be website HTML issues, but perhaps you’d have more leverage getting them to fix it, and if not, to provide a work-around?

    • Kevin Hayes
      Kevin Hayes says:

      As websites change often, sometimes a few don’t fill in properly. We’re continually on the look out for these sites. Please visit the forums if you would like to report sites and we’ll be sure to check them out!

  3. Tim fiddimore
    Tim fiddimore says:

    One time passcode setup is not being saved on iPhone 6+ iOS 8.1.2. Following a scan and then ‘done’ to reveal the code and verify back to the web page is ok. But then leaving that login entry in 1Password and then returnin back it’s gone.

    After returning to the login entry it’s gone !!!!

  4. David
    David says:

    This is great. Would love to see a OTP Favourites screen, which just shows a list of OTP codes and timeouts for your favourite OTP logins.

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